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No, not necessarily.

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Q: Do you need a college degree to start a soccer store?
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Do you need to have a college degree to open a book store?

No. Or even a high school degree.

What type of degree does an owner of a sports store need to start a sports store?


What degree you need to have so that you can promote to a manager in McDonald?

you dont need to have a college degree. just have to qualify and go through training with your store.

Where can you get soccer tops?

you can get soccer tops from the Adidas store or you can get soccer tops from dicks sporting goods.

Where can I find some soccer running shoes?

Any shoe store should have soccer running shoes. If a shoe store does not have soccer running shoes, then it is probably a store that only takes in and sells donations.

What does the store manager make at Kohl's?

A friend of mine is a Kohls store manager - he just graduated from college with a degree in business (I'm not sure what exact degree). Anyway, he trained at one store and I'm fairly sure he now manages his current one - he said he makes almost 45k a year.

Where can you find soccer cleats for soccer games?

soccer stores, models (the store), sports authority, dick's sporting goods.

What can one buy in a soccer store?

In a soccer store, one can buy many things like soccer balls, soccer jerseys from different teams all over the world, T-shirts, team wear, memorabilia, posters, jackets.

Where could you get a big soccer net?

At most Dick's stores and any major soccer store

Where can I find a soccer store?

Use a map tool and look up your zip code and the words "soccer store," and the map will provide you with listings of many soccer stores in your area. Click on ones that you like to visit their websites and find the store that fits your needs.

What kind of jobs can you get with a bacholer's degree in business management?

probably a retail manager or asst. manager job in a small store. i got a store manager's job with just a couple college courses in business.

How many basketballs did the store donate if the ratio of basketballs to soccer balls is 7 6. The store donates 24 soccer balls?

28 basketballs

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