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Please, gimme a break.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-23 17:29:25
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Q: Do you known anything about hosreback riding let meknownm thanks steph im just not saying my real name thanks...?
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What is another way of saying the people in the wagons?

the people riding the wagons

When was Anything Worth Saying created?

Anything Worth Saying was created on 2005-10-11.

What does your riding instructor mean by saying 'shorten up'?

usually your reigns, to shorten them

What is the thing that can answer anything?

Well, there are a lot of things that can answer anything. One of them is simply saying "What?" ( A good way to get your brothers annoyed) Another way to answer anything is saying "Na."

is it my fault for not saying anything csa grooming?

yes it is

If you and your friend understood each without saying anything what does that mean?

if you and your best friend understood each other without saying anything what does that mean?

Is Red Riding Hood a hit?

No definitely not its so bad they put a newspaper review saying it sucks.this red riding hood is the 1 that the director directs twilight

Is there anything wrong with saying hi to a guy?


Are anything Ken Wilber is saying realistic?

No. Not all of the things that Ken Wilber is saying is realistic.

How you saying ridding a bike in spanish?

Montando una bicicleta and riding is with one d.

What kind of jobs did Daniel Boon have?

riding around on a pony saying "cool to be a cat, cool for cats"

Which kind of riding demands perfection riding in an upright position with a strong curvature of the haunches regularity skill and finesse in all of the natural gaits in dressage?

I think it is Campagne Riding:) Saying "I think it is" makes people wonder if it is or not and makes them wonder if your wrong or something because your saying "I think it is". Next time you answer a question don't use "I think it is" or people will think that your not really sure if it is or not!

Where there is awill there is a way?

Where there is a will there is a way. This is a saying that has been handed sown through generations. This saying means that a person can do anything.

What is the difference in saying do you want something and do you want anything?

there is none. you are just saying them in so many different words.

Christians should avoid saying that two different groups of organisms are what?

I have no knowledge or Christians saying anything of the sort.

What Alexandwe Graham Bell did?

im not saying anything hi

What are the 5 different peer pressuers for dare?

not saying anything

If you had a bad fall of a horse how do you boost your confidance?

Ok well as the saying goes get back on the horse. If riding is something that you are serious about the feeling to ride will overpower your fear of falling off again and if that's not the case and you still feel insecure about riding ride an older or more relaxed horse that is somewhat to easy for you to be riding and eventually you will feel comfortable riding again!

How do you access riding level 2 on howrse?

Go to 'Profile' then 'My Riding Levels' and it should say You are currenty on riding level... Or something along those lines. Underneath it will say the next level. There should be a button saying take the test. It is quite self explanatory from there. I hope that answers your question. :)

What does front engine hydrostatic mean in a riding lawn mower vs gear?

it is a fancy way of saying that it is an automatic transmission for the Lawnmower

Do you get anything for completeing the national dex?

a cirtificate saying you completed the game

How do you say Im not saying anything in spanish?

"No estoy diciendo nada"

What are crabs in your hair?

its just a saying it doesn't really mean anything...

What does paste special do?

paste special is special i'm saying anything

What does the cat has got her tongue?

"The cat has got her tongue" is a figure of speech meaning that "she doesn't seem to be saying anything". The idea is that there is no obvious reason for her not saying anything, so someone, possibly the cat, has stolen her tongue.