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No, but that is what the TEE BOX is for.

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Q: Do you have to use a tee when hitting from the tee box?
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Can you use a tee for any shot?

No, you can only use the tee on your tee shot on every hole. Your tee shot is any shot that is hit from the designated tee box, and the teeing are is defined by the two tee markers. If you need to hit a provision shot from the tee box, you may use a tee. But you can not use a tee from anywhere else.

Can you pick up a broken tee from the tee box and use it to tee your ball up?

Yes, you may do this.

What is a stick used for hitting balls?


If a hit a tee shot out of bounds and you lose your ball Are you playing your 4th shot from the tee?

Player who hit "ob" is hitting 3 from the tee. If lose your ball on the tee shot you must return to the tee and re-tee hitting your 3rd shot.

What is the area where you tee up?

tee box

What age is usually required fr use of the senior tee box?


Can you use a tee on the fairway?

NO, else it wouldn't be called a fairway it would just be called a tee box all the way to the green.

Name of the area that golfers tee off from?

It is called the tee box.

Can a player stand outside of the tee box markers as long as his ball remains between the markers whilst hitting a tee shot?

Yes. The ball has to between the markers and up to two club lengths behind. The player can stand anywhere.

What is the meaning of the expression tee off?

The little holder for a golf ball is called a tee - when you tee off, you start a golf game by hitting the ball off of the holder.

What is the first stoke that is played off the tee-off box?

A tee shot.

Do both feet have to be behind the tee box line in golf?

Yes, both feet must be behind the tee box.

What is t balling?

When you hit the ball off a tee instead of hitting it from a pitcher.

How do you vent a laundry box plumbing fixture?

Put a tee in your pipe to the right or left of box then out of the side of the tee go over under box and put a p-trap in and go up into box then out of the top of your tee go up and out of roof for vent

Can you take a mulligan off the tee or anywhere on the course in golf?

only on the tee box

If you hit the ball out of bounds on your initial tee shot and decide to tee up again are you hitting three or four?

Your second tee shot will be your third stroke. So it takes you 3 strokes to get of the tee blocks, hence the saying "3 off the tee"

Are you required to use a tee on the tee blocks?


Do professional women golfers hit from the ladies tee in the tee box?

They play from the tee box which is specially designated for the tournament. They would play from further back than the ladies tee box would be on a standard course. The course plays considerably longer than another course also.

Is it a penality if you tee your ball outside of the defined tee box in match play?

sure is if you hit it

What is the world record for hitting a golf ball?

normally you hit farther when you tee, and not with an iron. so the furthest tee i think is like about 300 yards.

Can you use a tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee in the teeing area, when you hit your tee shot. You may not tee your ball up again during that hole.

Is there a set distance in which the tee should be set on the tee box?

there is no set distance in which the tee markers are set.. It is up to the maintance people who cut the tees

If the tee markers on a tee box are clear in the back of the tee box is it ok to tee up in an area 2 club lengths behind the markers even if the area is not flat and manicured?

yes, under the rules of golf the " teeing ground" extends 2 club lengths back from each tee marker and across >

Can you play a golf ball if it lands on a tee box?


Does it matter what club you use in golf?

It all depends on how you hit the ball. Some people can use a 9 iron in the tee box on a 3 par hole.