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no but you do have to leave the court

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Q: Do you have to leave the premises if you get 2 technical fouls?
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How many times can you foul in basketball?

2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

What is the record of technical fouls in a game?

2 because if you get 2 technical fouls you're thrown out of the game

How many technical fouls can a player get to be fouled out of a game in the NBA?

Once you get 16 technical fouls, suspensions will result.

How many fouls allowed in basketball?

on player can have up to four fowls if they get 5 they are out of the game, and they are when a player slaps or hitts the other players arms (from hand to shoulder), or when a player blocks another player and moves they feet :-)

What coach holds the record for most technical fouls?

Magic Johnson holds the record. Technical fouls were not held as an official stat until a later date, so many earlier players like Wilt Chaimberlain did not have their technical fouls counted.

How many fouls before a basketball player leaves the court?

they can get 5 or six fouls before leaving the cort

How many fouls do you get before being ejected?

Why would you be ejected for fouling too much? There's no limit to how many foul balls a player can have.

How many free throws do you get in college?

The same as everywhere else. 2 for a 2 point field and if you miss the shot. 3 free throws for a 3 pointer and if you miss that shot. 1 free throw if you're fouled and you make the shot. 1 or 2 free throws on technical fouls/flagrant or intentional fouls

How many technical fouls can a player receive?

In the NBA, there is no cap on the total number of technical fouls you get during the season. But the NBA has penalties after you receive certain technical foul totals. After the 15th technical foul a player receives during the season, he is suspended for 1 game without pay. Consequently that player is suspended 1 game without pay for every other technical during the remainder of the season. So if a player burns up his 2 possible technicals during the first 8 games of the season, his total techs will be 16. He would then miss the following game. With that rule in place, it's only possible for a player to get 74 technicals total getting his maximum 2 techs per game and factoring in suspensions after the first 15.

What is maximum technical fouls a coach may receive in a game?

1-2. Wether its a flagrant 1 or 2. if it's a flagrant 2 you will be ejected. If you get a flagrant 1 you will not be ejected but the opposing team will shoot free shows. It always depends on the severity of the foul.

Can a team be penalized for 2 personal fouls?

no a team cannot be penalized but a player can be penalized if he makes more than 6 fouls

When did you start shooting 3 foul shots for getting fouled on a 3 point shot?

Yes, in the 70's 1976 Three for two rule introduced to allow players fouled in the act of shooing to attempt a third fouls shot if either of the first two attempts miss. There was also a 2 for 1 rule during that time. All defensive fouls were awarded a free throw or free throws. If a one shot foul was called and the defensive team was in the penalty situation, the shooter was awarded 2 shots to make 1.