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Dimple piercing is like dermal anchors, it's not a smart move, prone to scarring and infection. Scarring is the worst of all the issues. Messing with facial connective tissue and muscle operation is just about the worst idea out there so far and highly over rated. Avoid this at all costs, 20 years from now you will be glad you did. Generally done where dimples exist currently then again I warned you.

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Q: Do you have to have dimples to get a dimple piercing or does the piercing create the dimple?
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You have done dimple piercing but there is no dimple?

Dimple piercings don't magically create dimples. People only get dimple-like scars after removing cheek piercings. Keep in mind that they are scars and that they may not form dimples, they can be unpredictable. They might even heal flush with the skin

What is dimple piercing?

Dimples can be unilateral or bilateral. Natural dimples occur because of a defect in the cheek muscle with the attachment of the muscle fibers to the skin. If you are a person who doesn’t have dimples but has been longing for them, then a quick and simple surgery is all you need. Dimple creation in Mumbai - Dr. Ashish Ghuge is one of the best plastic surgeons. A simple surgical procedure is done under local anesthesia on a day-care basis.

How long do you keep dimple piercings in for?

I'm assuming you want the piercing to create dimples? Its pretty much impossible to give you definitive answer. Everyone heals differently. Some people form dimple-like scars, and others dont. Dimple piercings are notoriously difficult to heal during the first few months, so just be aware of that :)

How do you make your dimples deeper without piercing them?

Okay, so I always had dimples but they were barely visible. I used to take the end of a q-tip and hold it on my "dimple" for awhile. That did help, but you have to put time and effort into it because it doesn't just happen overnight, you need to realize that. Now, I take the end of a small paintbrush and hold it on my "dimple" for awhile (As long as you want) and I noticed that it leaves a mark and makes the area a little if you were to do that I would do it before bed or at a time where you wont be going out anytime soon. That did help, but as im trying to say is that i had somekind of dimple before, so i "enhanced it" you can say. I also dont want to put into your head that it is an overnight thing and that it will work if you dont have not a doctor or any one that can tell you that..... Another way is to get cheek piercings which will permenently create a dimple......but there are pros and can also remove the dimples a few weeks after the initial piercing for the dimple. Pros: You will have the dimple you want It will be there forever Cons: You pay alot of money for something that you will eventually take out You will go through pain You will also have an indintation that may look unatural You can also get plastic surgery OR you can get a surgical proceeder that will create the dimple. Im sure you can look that up on the internet like How to get a dimple or surgery for a dimple, somthing like that.. Hope I helped! -Natalie-

Does Robert Pattinson have dimples?

rob has one dimple on his cheek and back dimples... Kristen have back dimples too

Dimples are a dominant characteristic If one parent does not have dimples and one parent is heterozygous for dimples what chance does a child have for getting dimples?

A dimple is a dominant trait. If a father has two dominant dimple genes (DD) and the mother has two recessive dimple genes (dd), the baby's dimple alleles will be Dd, meaning he will have dimples.

Is it normal to have dimples in your butt crack?

Sacral dimple

What is dimple?

A Dimple is another word for a small dent (like dimples on a golf ball). The dimple in your cheeks are caused by a small gap beween the muscle Orbicularis Oris and part of the skull called the Zygomatic Arch (in the higher up dimples) or between the two muscles Orbicularis Oris and Temporalis (in the lower down dimples)

Are dimples possessive?

No, the word 'dimples' is the plural form of the noun dimple.The possessive form of the noun dimple is dimple's.The plural possessive form is dimples'.

Where can you pierce your dimples?

At a piercing studio/shop. Dimple piercings are notoriously tricky to heal so make sure that your piercer has experience doing cheek/dimple piercings. You can look for shops in your area using the Association of Professional Piercers' website. I'll add the link for you :)

How do you get dimples?

Dimples are genetic traits that form when a particular facial muscle is shorter than normal, causing a dent to form when you smile. They are usually passed down through families. Unfortunately, there is no way to create dimples if you are not born with them.

Are there back dimple diver piercing attachments?