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Depending on what type of field you play on, you can either wear cleats of turf shoes. Cleats are the most common type of softball shoe. There are both rubber cleats and metal cleats, but most leagues do not allow you to wear metal cleats.

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Cleats. There's medal cleats and rubber cleats. You can tell by looking at the bottom of the shoe. most leagues don't allow you to wear the metal cleats.

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Q: Do you have to have certain softball shoes for softball?
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Do baseball mits be used for softball?

In real fastpitch softball, No, they can't. There are certain gloves fit specifically for women's hands.

Can you use softball cleats for soccer?

No. Softball shoes with a cleat under the front toes cannot be used for soccer. However you can go the other way and use soccer cleats for softball. My daughter does fine without the toe cleat.

Do you have to have a certain shoe to skateboard?

no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip ~awestling96~

How do you insert inserts into under armour shoes for softball?

un-lace your shoes, and look inside ur shoe. you will see a flap to insert the decals in. then u just lace them back up

What was the significance of the US softball team leaving their shoes on home plate after the gold medal game?

A symbolic gesture of "leaving something on the field".

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because when you are about to jump and you don't wear the right kind of shoes you can break your calves

Where can you get good softball cleats?

Would orthotics work? You might be able to get some that will work in all shoes.

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The arches of a foot can hurt in certain shoes for a few different reasons. The shoes can be too tight, you could be flat footed, the shoes could be made for certain things or you just need to break them in.

What type of shoes do you have to wear for soccer?

They have special shoes called cleats. They kind of look like softball or football cleats except they don't have a stub on the toe. They have stubs on the bottom of the shoe. You aren't able to wear them if they have a stub on the toe.

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I would definitely say softball, since tennis is probably one of the most competitive and difficult sports in the world. Tennis is much more mental, as you are essentially in solitary confinement, while softball is a team game, and if you perform badly on a certain day, you have your team to hold you up.

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