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No you do not.

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Q: Do you have to have a regulator for an hpa tank?
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How can you convert you paintball gun from CO2 to HPA do you need a regulator with your tank or just the tank can you fill it yourself?

if your tank runs out take it to your locale paintball field thay should fill it up for you for a small fee exp=5$ unlimated air for the day at my field.

Can you fill up a hpa tank at a gas station?

No, automotive tire fillers will not have enough pressure to refill a HPA tank.

Can you use normal HPA on your FEP Quest?

Yes, any pressure or HPA tank on an FEP quest will work. It can not run on Co2.

Can jt excelerator 3.5 run on hpa tank?

Yes it can. most any gun that runs on will run on HPA, but not the other way around.

Can you fill a hpa paintball tank with compressed 02 from a welding tank?

NO! Hpa is compressed air, which is mostly N2. Filling a tank with pure oxygen has a large chance of combustion, which under such great pressures will cause death or serious injury.

Can a spyder mr1 shoot hpa?

Yes it can, with a high pressure tank.

What tank does a spyder electra LT use?

any Co2 tank and high pressure HPA tanks.

What does it take to switch from c02 to compressed air?

a HPA tank, every marker currently produced (and every marker that has been produced for a LONG time) that will work on CO2 will also be fine on HPA. the output pressure of a standard high pressure HPA tank is around 750-800 psi, and the output on your co2 tank is right around 800 so it is a direct swap, id recomend getting a 68/4500 HPA tank, it will give you about the same amount of shots as a 20oz CO2

What is a paintball regulator?

A regulator (reg for short) is a device that will regulate the outcome pressure fro the propellant tank (HPA or Co2) It is made to regulate each air "shot" mechanically by allowing less if there is a higher pressure, or allowing more air if there is not enough pressure. It can usually be adjusted to increase and decrease airflow allowed. Some are able to handle Co2, and would help consistency greatly, but some are built only to run on HPA. Some also store air, and must be discharged one or two times, even after the tank is removed.

Does a spyder sonix gun use a c02 tank?

Spyder Sonix can use any Co2 or HPA tank

What type of regulator is required on a nitrogen tank?

A pressure regulator is required on a nitrogen tank.

Can you put a nitro tank on a brass eagle t-storm?

It will cost more for a HPA tank then the Tstorm is worth, but yes.