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No, there is no point in a Baseball glove. It's just companies trying to get you to spend money on something useless so they can profit off of it. You are actually supposed to catch the balls with your bare hand.


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You buy a glove because it makes your hand 10 inches bigger in length and 6 inches wider in width (depending on the glove size.) Also, if you don't use a glove, your going to get some serious nerve damage in your hands.

To the original person that asked the question., you don't necessarily need a glove, but if you like your hand where it is, and like the ability to touch and feel, I would use a glove. A lot of times you do see a player bare-hand a ground ball, and if you're Kevin Mitchell, catch a fly ball bare-handed.

I was being facetious. Of course you need a glove to catch baseballs with. That was just a stupid question.

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Q: Do you have to catch a baseball with a baseball glove?
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What is used to catch a baseball?

a baseball glove

What object is used to catch a baseball?

a baseball glove

What do baseball players use to catch the baseball?

A baseball glove

How do you catch a stalker if the police can't?

with a baseball glove

What kind of Jokes with the word baseball?

What did the glove say to the baseball? I'll catch you later.

What is the thing you use to catch the ball in baseball?

It's simply called a mitt or a baseball glove.

How do catch and throw a softball?

with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand

What brand of baseball glove was Willie Mays wearing when he made the famous over the shoulder catch?

Rawlings HH model or Harvey Haddix. The glove now resides in the Baseball HOF.

In baseball if a flyball hits a player in the chest and then he catches it in his glove is that a legal catch?

yes it is a legal catch because it never hit the ground

What is a shoestring catch in baseball?

A catch, usually by an outfielder running in on the ball, that is made with the glove practically touching the ground (at the height of the shoestrings).

Do you need a glove to catch a clincher baseball?

It would help. The ball cannot touch the ground or go out of the field.

Did you catch the train No I don't have a glove that large?