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2012-05-29 16:58:22
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Q: Do you have to be sponsored to be a pro skateboarder?
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What are pro skateboard?

A skateboarder sponsored by a company that is good enough that the company makes him pro

How old was bam when he became pro skateboarder?

he was 17 sponsored at 14

What is the benefits of a pro skateboarder?

They get paid a lot and get proper photography done of them skateboarding, you can get sponsored, be amazing at skateboarding, and every other reason!

Is Christian Sereika a pro skateboarder?

Christian Sereika is not Pro skateboarder yet, but he should be.

What does it take to be a pro skateboarder?

The answer to be a pro skateboarder is alot of practice and advise for friends who skateboard.

Is Ryan sheckler a skateboarder?

yes hes a pro skateboarder

Who are Jerry Hsu's sponsors?

As of 2014, pro skateboarder Jerry Hsu (born 1981) was sponsored by Emerica, Chocolate, Royal, MOB, Ricta, and Bones.

How can you become a sponsored skateboarder?

become hella good

How much will a pro skateboarder make if they are sponsored by momster energy?

It depends how much videos they make for monster or just wearing monster and how much comercials they make

Who is the youngest skateboarder to go professional?

maybe nyjah Houston but l have a friend who is only ten and already been in transworld and won the Tampa am well right now Nyjah Huston is not a pro, he was only sponsored for being a amateur skateboarder. Now the youngest skateboarder to be signed as pro is Ryan Sheckler at the age of 13. I believe Rodney Mullen was pro since the age of 12. well actually nyjah is pro now -DJ STAN71-

Is shaun white a pro surfer?

No, he is a pro snowboarder and a pro skateboarder.

How hard is it to be a pro skateboarder?


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