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I'm from St. Louis. We have a few teams including the following: The Rams (football), The Cardinals (Baseball), and the Blues (hockey).

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Q: Do you have any professional sport team?
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Does Brazil have any professional sport teams?

Yes. They have a soccer team(s).

What is the main sport played in belgium?

well Belgium has a professional basket ball team and a professional soccer team. from all the statistics, soccer would be there main sport because they have won more soccer titiles that any other sport and there are more people trying out for soccer teams that any other sport.

Is hockey a team sport?

Yes, you play hockey as a team. Hockey has some of the best team fights in any professional sport! The best number of players on a team would be 15 so therefore, you will have some substitutes.

Is Laker's is an college sport team?

Are the lakers a professional basketball team

What is the longest professional team sport on the world?


What professional team uses red and white?

for what sport ?

What state has 8 professional sport team?


What is Ireland's professional sport team called?

There are many professional sport teams in Ireland. They would have no special name, just Ireland.

What professional sport team does Nevada follow?

unlv is there college team they dont have a pro one

Which team is the first professional sport in state of Florida?

The Miami Dolphins.

How do you start a professional sports team?

you must got to college. play your sport there and professional coaches will come and watch you and look to select players for their team.

Who was the first African American coach to lead a professional sport's team to a championship?

Depends on what sport ur talking about.