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Updated: 9/18/2023
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Why better is better then best?

Because better is better then best.

What is the noun for better?

The noun for better is better.

When was Better Do Better created?

Better Do Better was created on 2006-02-27.

Who is better d-backs or Yankees?

Yankees. Better team, better league, better division, better record.

What is the better assault rifle?

Well, in order to answer that, you have to tell us what better means. Better accuracy, better power, better reliability, better firepower, better versatility, better ease of maintenance/ use, etc etc. Bottom line- there is no one single better.

What is a better word than better?

Even better!

Is fiitjee better or smart better?

smart is better

Will you get better or not?

you are better now but you will not ever be fully better.

Are owls better or eagles better?

eagles are better

Who is better chirs brown or lilwayne?

chris brown is better he sings better,and looks better

What is the noun of better?

The noun of "better" is "better" As in "You should respect your betters." "All the better to eat you with".

What is better than better?

What is better than better is best. The word "best" is the maximum for positives. Apparently, there isn't a better for the best. The "best" can't be exceeded unless you aren't caring.