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If of course, your opponent has committed a foul, then yes, you do get two shots/visits on the black ball. It would be unfair not to. Why should a player be allowed two shots when they are not on the black and the other player, who is on the black, not. Seem fair? See below for this variation of rules, that people have unofficially changed to suit themselves as there has never been a rule written down EVER about only one shot on the black from a foul.

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No, you do not get two shots when you are on the black ball and the other player commits a foul.

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Q: Do you get two shots in pool if you sink the white ball and your ball?
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What happens in pool when you sink your last ball then the black ball in one shot?

If your Last ball is potted before the black then it is a legal shot and you win. * Added - In 8 Ball, under BCA Rules, APA Rules, and most House Rules this is loss of game.

What are some good pool tips for a beginner?

Some good pool tips for a beginner is to line your cue stick up with the white ball and the ball you are attempting to hit into the hole. Do not sink the ball 8 ball.

Do you lose if you sink your ball then the 8 black ball?

I believe so but I am not the best pool player...

Sam loves basketball and can sink the ball in the net 65 percent of the time if he takes 30 shots how many will he sink?


How does a player win a game of 8 ball pool?

To win the player has to sink all the balls then sink the 8 ball. If they sink the 8 ball before all the others they are disqualified. It is a lot harder than it sounds.

Why do you need a beach ball under pool cover?

So that the cover does not sink when it has rain water and or leaves on it.

In 8 ball pool what happens when you scratch the cue ball but do not sink the object ball?

This depends on the specific rules of the game you play. Under BCA and APA Rules the other player gets ball-in-hand.

If you sink the white ball while hitting your last regular ball on the table do you loose ie just sunk your last non-black ball and the white ball follwos this ball into the pocket?

No, you only loose if you scratch after making the eight ball.

Have you lost the game of pool if you sink the white ball when you are on the black but you missed the black ball?

No, quite the opposite, you win. And if you are playing for money the loser has to pay 9 times more then the original bet. p.s. send £50 to You'vebeenscammed, Your Stupid Road, Gullable, Warwickshire if this ever occurs

Who do you know when a betta fish is dead?

-white fins not moving -gills not moving - sink at the bottom of the pool - may smell

Who is to blame for having sink holes in your above ground pool?

the people who put the pool there and didn't check for sink holes

How would you determine the clarity of water in the pond?

I would drop a white, heavy ball (must be able to sink) through a string, with markings on every 1 centimeter. When you let go of the ball, look down on the pond and see the ball sink. Stop when you cannot, or can just barely see the ball, and use the markings to check the length of where the ball 'disappeared'.