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Q: Do you get two shots after a foul if no balls have been potted?
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If no balls have been sunk on the break and the next player sinks the cue ball is it a foul. Does the first player get 2 shots?

It is not a foul only a scratch, the next player takes only one shot. the same as any other scratch.

What is the limit of foul balls allowed in softball?

There is no limit on the number of foul balls.

Can team A call a time out after the ball has been handed to A1 to shot foul shots?


How is the game restarted after a technical foul?

The team that did not recieve the technical foul, picks a shooter, and then shoot two foul shots, then the team that got to shoot the foul shots get the ball on the side out of bounds.

Jay practiced his foul shots for the upcomming basketball game he attempted 45 shots and made 36 of them what is the probability that jay would make the foul shot?

Jay would make 4 out of 5 shots.

Is there one and one foul shots in pro basketball?


Is there a rule for 99 foul balls?


How many fowl balls in a row happened in baseball?


What is a word for hitting snooker balls all wrong?

A foul shot or foul stroke

Awarding of foul shots in college?

Each made foul shot adds 1 point to a teams score.

Do you get two shots in pool if you sink the white ball and your ball?

If of course, your opponent has committed a foul, then yes, you do get two shots/visits on the black ball. It would be unfair not to. Why should a player be allowed two shots when they are not on the black and the other player, who is on the black, not. Seem fair? See below for this variation of rules, that people have unofficially changed to suit themselves as there has never been a rule written down EVER about only one shot on the black from a foul.

What do turkeys have in common with foul balls?

Well, I'm guessing it has to do with the Turkey balls, which are the things that hang from the turkey's neck. So a ball in foul territory is a foul ball, and the things under a turkey's neck are fowl balls. That's all I got. Anybody else?