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Not always. Under HS Federation, NCAA, and NBA rules in order for a (non-shooting) fouled player to shoot free throws the offended team must be in "the bonus". "The bonus" is the number of fouls committed by the opposing team beyond which the ball is put into play by the fouled player attempting free throws rather than getting the ball out of bounds for a throw-in. The number of team fouls required to reach "the bonus" varies by sanctioning body but the principle remains the same. Hope this answers your question.

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Q: Do you get a free throw when fouled if you do not have possession of the ball?
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When a person is fouled while shooting in basketball do they get one free throw if the shot is missed?

No, if you are fouled and miss the shot, you get 2 free throws. If you are fouled and make the shot, you only get 1 free throw. If the foul is judged to be flagrant, then after the two free throws the shooting team remains in possession and takes the ball out from the near sideline.

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

Do you make free throws on your own or does yoour team help?

In a game of basketball, you shoot a free throw if you get fouled. Therefor you shoot the ball on your own. But anyone can get fouled and shoot a free throw! Hope this helps(:

What happens when you get a technical foul?

the fouled team gets one free throw and keeps the ball.

In college basketball does the ball have to hit the rim on a free throw?

yes. if a missed free throw does not hit the rim, its a dead ball and possession goes to the opposing team.

What is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw line is the line players shoot from when they are fouled while shooting or fouled when the opponents have 4 team fouls.

If you get fouled shooting a 3 pointer how many foul shots do you get?

if you are fouled in the act of shooting beyond the 3 point mark, you will be given 3 free throw shots unless the ball gets in then you will only be given a free throw shot as a bonus.

What do you need to shoot a free throw?

You must be fouled.

What is a free throw?

A free throw is when u r fouled by player and u get 1, 2, or 3 of them

If you get fouled while shooting a shot what do you get to shoot?

A free throw

Is it possible to waive a free throw in exchange for a ball possession from an inbound pass from a sideline on a basketball game?


When is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw usually occurs when any player is fouled by a player of the opposing team.

What is free throw in basket ball?

It is when you get fouled when you tried to shoot and you go to the free throw line and shoot 1,2, or 3 times depending on what shot you take. Each shot counts for 1 point.

If you get fouled at the three point line what happens?

If your shooting, you get 3 free throws, if not, it's just a regular foul and you just throw the ball in.

What is a freethrow in basketball?

A free throw is a shot that a player gets to take if he or she has just been fouled by the opposing team. A free throw is shot from the 3 pt line. It counts as 1 point. During a free throw no one can touch the ball as it is shot.

What is the rule and who gets possession when a player on Team B commits an off the ball foul against the non shooter on Team A while a shot is up in the air and the shot is a made basket?

The player who is fouled shoots one free throw and then whoever gets the rebound gets possession or if the shot is made Team B gets the ball.

When do you have to take the ball back behind the foul line in a basketball?

When you get fouled within the 3 point line you shoot 2 shots behind the free throw line. If you get fouled on a 3 pointer you get 3.

What is free shot in basketball?

A free shot in basketball would be a free throw. You get this if you are fouled during the game.

Can you keep possession of the basketball if you committed a technical foul?

No, the other team gets 2 free throw shots and possession of the ball if a technical foul is commited

How do you get 3 free throw attempts?

If you get fouled taking a three point shot...

What does 1 and 1' mean?

When an offensive player who is not in the act of shooting is fouled, and the defensive team has exceeded the number of fouls allowed ( usually 7 ) The fouled player receives what is called a 1and1. That means that they shoot a free throw, if they miss, that ball is live and play continues. If they make the shot, they get a second free throw.

How you score a free-throw?

If you are fouled while in motion of shooting the basketball then play stops and you go to the free throw line. Depending on the foul, you will get one, two, or three shots. All other players must stay out of the lane and cannot move until the player that was fouled shoots the ball, and the ball touches the rim. If you make the basket it only counts as one point, not two.

Do you have to do a free throw if you get fouled?

There are situations in which a person gets fouled and doesn't get rewarded free throws (which I don't want to go over all the situations.) If this is not the kind of answer you are looking for, here is the answer. When the player is shooting a free throw, they get "ten seconds." Of course, that can get used up, and the free throw would be canceled. So in this case, the answer is no, but who would want to not shoot the free throw?

What is free throw in basketball?

A free throw is a free shot (shot at the free throw line) awarded for a few circumstances. If a player is fouled while shooting (or the fouling team is over the foul limit), then the player will shoot two or three free throws depending on where they were standing when they shot the ball. A free throw is also awarded to the best free throw shooter when the other team receives a technical foul.

In basketball what happens when you make a three pointer and get fouled?

you get to shoot 1 free throw