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yes because the Super Bowl is the name of a certain noun

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Yes ... 'Super Bowl' is a proper noun and should be capitalized when written.

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You would if that were its official name. What we now know as Super Bowl I was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and was renamed retroactively after the leagues merged.

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yes because it is describing what championship it is

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Q: Do you capitalize Annual in the First Annual Super Bowl?
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What is the Super Bowl annual?


What makes the Super Bowl an annual event?

The Super Bowl is an annual event because it occurs once a year, at the end of each NFL season.

How many years have the super bowl been in existence?

February 2016 is the 50th annual Super Bowl.

Is there a Super Bowl every year?

Yes. The NFL, for the time being until they see fit otherwise, schedules the Super Bowl for the first Sunday in February.

How do you spell Super Bowl?

Super Bowl is actually not one word. The term for the annual game to decide the championship of the NFL is spelled as 2 words: Super Bowl.

Who won a Super Bowl first the cowboys are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Cowboys. The Cowboys first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl VI and the Steelers first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl IX.

What was the first Super Bowl the giants won?

Super Bowl XXI.

Which Super Bowl had the first military flyover?

Super Bowl II

Who won the Super Bowl in 1812?

There was no Super Bowl in 1812. The first Super Bowl game was played in 1967.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1952?

The first NFL Super Bowl was in 1967, so there was no Super Bowl in 1952.

How many suber bowls has randy moss played in?

Randy Moss hasn't won a Super Bowl ... Super Bowl XLII is the first Super Bowl he has played in.

When was first Super Bowl?

The First super bowl was in January 15,1967 Which Was The Packers And Chiefs.1967