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Yes, a warm Golf ball will travel farther than one that is cold. Just like any sports ball, when it is warmer it can compress much more when struck, allowing it to travel farther. Just the other day I went and played golf in 40 degree weather and my ball flight went nowhere.

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Q: Do warm golf balls go farther?
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What is the best temperature to store golf balls?

The best thing to do is to simply leave them at room temperature. However, cold golf balls don't go as far, and when they are warm they go slightly farther. However, intentionally heating or cooling a golf ball is against the rules.

Why do golf balls have dimpels?

makes the ball go farther, due to aerodynamics makes the ball go farther, due to aerodynamics

Does a taylormade golf ball go farther than a precept golf ball?

A precept is harder than a TaylorMade. But is also depends on if you have TaylorMade Black or Red. Overall, TaylorMade balls will go farther and spin more.

Do expensive golf balls go farther than cheap ones?

no, that would depend on the weight of the ball

Does a heated golf ball go farther then a cold golf ball?

A warmer golf ball goes further, you cannot warm it up though because that is not allowed under the rules of golf.

Do different golf balls travel the same distance when hit?

No, not all golf balls travel the same distance when hit. This is because all golf balls are made differently. Some golf balls are distance golf balls which have low spin, and they also have a harder core which means they go farther, but feel and spin are sacrificed. Some golf balls like the pro v 1 do have responsive cores but they are soft and allow for a lot of spin, therefore they do not go as far, but have a lot of feel. We are not talking 50 yards here, we are talking probably less than 10.

How can you get free golf balls?

It is highly unlikely that you would be able to get golf balls for free. The only way you could do so is a promotion with a golf magazine or something. If you go play golf and find some golf balls you can keep them, however, you can't just go to a golf course and look for golf balls, this is illegal. The issue seems to be perhaps you think golf balls are too expensive, there are a couple of options you could buy budget golf balls or buy lake balls, these are used golf balls which are a lot cheaper.

What is a sentence for dimpled?

Golf balls were dimpled as the dimples was found to cause the golf balls to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

Are ladies golf balls made to go longer distances than men's golf balls?


Are new golf balls better?

Yes, new golfers have evolved greatly over the past couple of years. They are a lot softer, they go farther and they have a lot more spin.

What golf balls go the furthest when you hit them?

Little white balls

Where could one get used golf balls for free?

Unfortunately, there are not any websites which offer used golf balls for free. Used golf balls still cost money, but they do cost less. A person may visit a nearby golf range and go searching for lost golf balls. Additionally, if a person might obtain free used golf balls from friends who are golfers.

Does a frozen golf ball thawed out go farther than a non frozen golf ball?


How can you get free golf balls or tennis balls?

Go to a Tennis/Golf club, and at the end of the week ask if they have any balls they are going to throw out, so you can keep them instead. That or go to a golf/tennis course and pick up any left over balls. I've left some tennis balls on the court for others.

What is a sentence using the word dimpled?

Dimpled golf balls were found to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

What are the differences between golf balls?

Some golf balls are made for soft feel and spin, others are made for distance and control. Some are made for both of those things, and some are just made as cheap as possible. Softer balls will spin more which gives people who are skilled more control over the ball when hitting into greens. Harder balls will go farther and spin less which gives less skilled players help with controlling the ball. For more detail go to the link below on how to buy golf equipment.

Will ladies golf ball travel more distance on the tee shot?

Ladies golf balls are distance golf balls, they have very little spin. They go slightly father, but not by that much.

What happens to golf balls that go in the water?

They sink.

Does a golf ball go farther if its hit harder?

It does if your swing is correct.

When is it okay to use cheep golf balls?

Cheap golf balls are generally very hard, which means that it is difficult to control where they go. It is never okay to use cheap golf balls and one should just buy the high-end ones.

What to get a doctor for his birthday?

You can never go wrong with golf balls.

Do golf balls go bad over time?


How many balls does Tiger Woods hit?

In a practice day Tiger Woods might hit as many as 500 golf balls on the range a day. He may also play a round of golf where he could be hitting around 100 shots ( assuming he plays a few balls a hole). On a tournament day he may hit about 100 practice balls to warm up and then shoot 72 or less then go to the range and hit a few balls to iron out any problems.

How do you get extra golf balls on halo reach forge?

Easy just go into edit mode go to gadgets then go to toys then you just simply buy some more golf balls {but it's a limt on how many you can buy like all the other stuff}.

What if you lose all your balls during a golf tournament?

Then you go out and buy more.