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Yes, but they don't affect your batting average.

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2009-09-04 14:47:54
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Q: Do walks count towards your on base percentage?
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What is ops on baseball stat sheet?

On-Base plus Slugging percentage. On-Base percentage is the hits+walks/plate appearances (note that reaching on an error does not count towards OBP) Slugging percentage is total bases on hits / at-bats (which means walks and sacrifices don't count towards slugging) OPS is simply adding those two numbers together.

Does Hit By Pitch count towards on base percentage?


Does a fielder's choice count toward on base percentage?

No. On-base percentage is calculated by adding hits, walks and hit-by-pitches and dividing that number by the sum of all at-bats, walks, hit-by-pitches and sacrifice flies. (Source: fielder's choice does not improve a player's batting average, and neither does an error.djagameking:Actually an error counts towards your on base percentage, just not your average. Does a fielder's choice count towards your obp.

Does sac fly count toward on base percentage?

Yes. While a sacrifice fly does not count against your batting average it does against your on base percentage. On base % = (hits + walks + hits by pitch) / (at-bats + walks + hits by pitch + sacrifice flies)

Is a walk included on the on base percentage?

yes but they don't count towards your bating average

Does reaching base on an error count toward a player's on-base percentage?

The official formula for on-base percentage is (Hits + Walks + Hit by pitch) / (At-bats + Walks + Hit by pitch + sacrifice flies). Reaching base on an error goes against your BA and OBP, as it doesn't count as a hit but counts as an at bat.

Does a sacrifice count as a plate appearance in calculating on base percentage?


Does an error count as a plate appearance?

Yes. It will be scored as an out. It will count as being on base though so it will not negatively effect an on base percentage.

How do you increase your On Base Percentage?

In the sport of baseball, you can increase your On Base Percentage by safely reaching base more than you currently do. This can be by base hits, walks, reaching on errors or fielder's choice.

Does reaching base on a dropped third strike count toward a player's on-base percentage?

No. Reaching base due to the uncaught third strike rule, an error, or fielder's choice does not increase on base percentage but decreases it.

Is a Base on Balls Included in Total Bases?

No, only hits count towards your total bases

What is on base percentage?

The on base percentage is the amount of times you reach home base divided by the number of times you bat. That figures in your hits, walks, hit by pitches, or any other way you get on base. The acronym used in baseball for this is OBP.

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