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yeahh, they have alot more padding that softball knee pads. volleyball players have to be protected while their diving onto their knees and such. softball players (mostly only the younger ones wear knee pads) dont need as much padding on their knees because although they dive and slide, it is usually not onto their knees. gym floors are also alot harder and hurt worse than the ground (i know from experience! lol)

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The first difference would be the name, the second difference is the way the look.

In terms of functionality, I would not be worried about using Wrestling knee pads in volleyball, but there may be a difference when using volleyball knee bads while wrestling. Volleyball knee pads are designed to be flexible to allow a lot of movement, but you do not spend that much time on the floor as compared to wrestling.

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Q: Do volleyball knee pads have more cushion than softball knee pads?
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