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Q: Do they use bludgers in muggle quidditch?
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What does a Beater do on the Quidditch team?

The beaters carry sticks and use them to hit the bludgers in the direction of the other team to prevent them from scoring or catching the snitch.

What is quidditch played with?

Quidditch is played with broomsticks, which the players fly on. There are also four balls, a quaffle, a snitch, and two bludgers. It is played on a quidditch pitch with two goal hoops.

What is the name of the quidditch magazine?

Quidditch Quidditch Quidditch. ATM the only online source for ordering is at their muggle email address, com.

What is the role of beaters in Quidditch?

To knock the bludgers away from their teammates, and towards the opposing team.

How many balls are used in Quidditch?

A quaffle, two bludgers, and one Golden Snitch

What are the names of the balls used in Quidditch from the Harry Potter series?

In Quidditch you play with four balls; - One Quaffle - Two Bludgers - One Golden snitch.

What is a bludger in Harry Potter?

A bludger is one of the types of balls used in quidditch. There are two of them in the game. The Beaters use bats to protect their team members and to direct the bludgers at the opposing team. Bludgers are magically designed to try and knock the players off of their brooms.

What were the names of the four balls used in quidditch?

The Quaffle, the Snitch, and two Bludgers. There are only three types.

How can you get your school to have a muggle quidditch team?

It will be easy provided you can fly on a broomstick.

What sports do wizards play besides Quidditch?

The Muggle-borns probably play Muggle sports, but other than that, none are mentioned by Rowling.

What is quitage?

QUIDDITCH is a game when people fly around on broomsticks score points with quaffles. avoid bludgers and catch the snitch.

How many balls are used in a Quidditch match?

4 balls are used, if you count the snitch. There is one Quaffle, two bludgers, and the golden snitch.

What are the balls in Quidditch called?

There are three types of balls used in Quidditch:One QuafflesTwo BludgersOne Golden Snitch

Are Quidditch games dangerous?

Yes, the players are flying at a great height and there are heavy balls called bludgers being aimed at them trying to knock them off their brooms.

Who is Demelza Robins in Harry Potter?

She was the Chaser on the Gryffindor house Quidditch team. She was good at dodging Bludgers and was the one whose nose was broken after somebody hit her with one.

What is the largest ball used in Quidditch?

The largest ball used in Quidditch is the quaffle. We know this because in the first book, chapter ten (Hallowe'en), it says in reference to the bludgers that they are smaller than the red quaffle. It also later says that the snitch is the size of a large walnut.

What does a quidditch field look like?

Quidditch pitches are typically in the shape of an oval, 500 feet long and 180 feet wide, with a small central circle of approximately 2 feet in diameter. At each end there are 3 hooped goal posts of different heights, surrounded by a scoring area. Because Quidditch is an aerial sport, Quidditch pitches usually feature spectator seating at high vantage points, whether in towers (such as at Hogwarts) or in a fully-encircling platform style (such as the British stadium that held the 1994 Quidditch World Cup).Quidditch pitches are built in places where they will not attract Muggle attention. This began in 1398 when the wizard Zacharias Mumps emphasized the need for anti-Muggle security while playing the game: "Choose areas of deserted moorland far from Muggle habitations and make sure that you cannot be seen once you take off on your brooms. Muggle-repelling charms are useful if you are setting up a permanent pitch. It is advisable, too, to play at night." The advice of Mumps must not have always been followed as in 1362, the Wizards' Council outlawed playing Quidditch within 50 miles of a known Muggle town. This was amended in 1368, possibly due to growing popularity of the game. This amendment made the playing of the sport within 100 miles of a Muggle town illegal. The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692 made all Ministries of Magic responsible for the consequences of magical sports in their territories. The Department of Magical Games and Sports was created for this purpose. Quidditch teams that flouted Ministry guidelines were disbanded. One such instance was the Banchory Bangers.

What is the name of the game Harry Potter plays?

The game is Quidditch and it is played with three Bludgers, one Quaffle and a Golden Snitch. Bludgers are used to target and hit a player and if the player falls off his broom he/she is out of the game. Quaffles are made to pass through hoops to score points but the Golden Snitch is most important, the game gets over only when the seeker of a team catches the snitch. Once a quidditch match continued for three months because the snitch could not be caught until then !!!

What is the fictional sport played in the Harry Potter series?

Quidditch is the name of the sport. Played on brooms, it has three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and a seeker on each team. There are two bludgers, a quaffle and the snitch.

What is Quidditch and what do you need for it?

Quidditch is a fictional sport played in the fiction novels and movies of Harry Potter. It is played on broomsticks, and each team has 7 players-the seeker, the keeper, 2 beaters, and 3 chasers. The seeker tries to catch a fast little ball called the snitch which will end the game. The beaters keep bludgers away from their players; bludgers are larger balls that chase the players around trying to knock them off their brooms. The chasers use the quaffle, which is a red ball, and they try to score through 3 different hoops, sort of like basketball. The keeper guards the hoops to stop the other team from scoring.

How do you play Quidditch in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PC?

Harry will automatically be going for the Golden Snitch. To avoid Bludgers and other obstacles, use the arrow keys to move up and down or left and right. Use the right mouse button or the control key to knock back enemy Seekers. When Harry is close enough to the Snitch, use the right mouse button or the control key to catch it.

How many different balls are used in Quidditch?

There are 4 different balls used in Quidditch: -The Quaffle : Used for scoring, Is a bright scarlet colour, Is the biggest ball. -The Bludgers: There are two of them, used by beaters to knock people of brooms. -The Snitch: This is a small golden ball, Caught by the Seeker to end the game and earn 150 points.

What transport did Harry Potter and his friends use to play quidditch?

To play Quidditch you have to ride on brooms.

What are the four types of players on the Quidditch team in the harry potter series?

The Seeker - Has to catch the snitch. The Keeper - Has to guard the goals to stop the Quaffle from getting through. The Chasers - Have to pass the Quaffle to each other and score. The Beaters - Have to use their bats to hit the Bludgers either to the other team or away from their own team.

Is muggle Quidditch going to be an Olympic sport?

It's still being decided-but since Harry Potter is set in London, I would guess they would say yes since the 2012 Olympics are going to be in London.