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yes many colleges have cheerleaders

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2010-11-18 00:53:32
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Q: Do they have cheerleading in college?
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What college invented cheerleading?

A college didn't, a individual did.

Why was cheerleading created?

Cheerleading was created to get the crowd to support a college football team.

How old do you have cheerleading?

If you mean allstar cheerleading which is a competitive sport, There are kids ages 4-18 doing it. When you get into college you can still cheer in college

Where are cheerleading championships?

The answer depends on whose championships you are referring to - college? high school? professional? some other cheerleading organization?

Is cheerleading a sport to theNCAA?

As of Wednesday July 21, 2010 a federal judge ruled that cheerleading is not an NCAA college sport

Who won the college cheerleading nationals 2009?

The University of Kentucky

Which college did Patrick Henry attend?

american university for womens cheerleading

Can you go to college for cheer?

You can go to a college that offers cheerleading programs such as Furman university and University of Kansas.

How has cheerleading developed?

Cheerleading has gone from a mostly male college sport primarily for crown hype, to a serious competitive, tumbling, stunting sport

Does Ole Miss cheerleading team compete?

Yes, they compete at the Universal Cheerleading Association College Nationals each year in Orlando, Florida.

Who is the person who invented cheerlaeding?

Johnny Campbell is the man who invented cheerleading. He invented this sport in 1905. The first college with a cheerleading squad was the University of Minnesota.

What are the levels of cheerleading?

In competitive cheerleading, levels are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and very rarely 6. 6 is a level for college students

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