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In Canada there is cash prizes for winning medals. It does not matter if you are professional or amateur.

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Q: Do the pros that are winners in an Olympic event get cash prize?
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Do the US winners of Olympic events get a cash prize?

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards gold-medalists $25,000, silver-medalists $15,000 and bronze-medalists $10,000.

Do Olympic medal winners get cash?


Do the winners of an Olympic event get a cash prize along with a medal?

The International Olympic Committee does not award cash prizes to the winners. Many countries, however, do offer cash prizes and other incentives to medalists. In 2012, American competitors who won Olympic medals were rewarded in cash by the US Olympic Committee. Gold medal winners received $25,000, Silver medal winners received $15,000, and Bronze medal winners received $10,000. However, the real money is earned through commercial endorsements. Some Olympians get paid a performance bonus from sponsors for winning a medal and may sign commercial endorsements that could wind up paying them millions.

Do the medal winners in Olympics receive cash prizes?

no the medalist do not receive cash prize

How much do UK Olympic athletes get paid?

Olympic athletes are amateurs. They do not get paid. Britain does not award cash to medal winners. Other countries in the UK might award cash to their medal winners.

Will the winners of gold medals in the 2012 Olympics get a cash prize?

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards gold-medalists $25,000, silver-medalists $15,000 and bronze-medalists $10,000.

Do USA olympic winners receive free college or any other benefit?

not in a million years will a Olympic win cash money

What did the winners of the first Olympics win?

well Olympic winners from Athens were paid a cash equivalent of five years earnings for a workingman and that didn't include other perks like a lifetime of free meals. "athlete" is derived from the ancient Greek meaning, "one who competes for a prize.

Do the winners of an Commonwealth games event get a cash prize along with a medal?

No, the only prizes awarded for the Commonwealth games are medals however having a medal from the commonwealth games could increase a sportsmans potential earning power

What is the money prize for an Emmy Award?

Winners of an Emmy Award do not receive a cash prize, they are given a golden statuette of a woman with pointed wings and her arms above her head holding an atom.

Do award winners receive any cash prizes?

Medalists do not receive cash prizes from the IOC or Olympic organizers, however some countries, including the US and Canada, reward their country's medalists with cash prizes.

How much money does an athelete get for a gold medal?

Olympic athletes do not get paid for the medals they win. They do not receive pay for participating. U.S. medalists receive cash prizes from the U.S. Olympic committee. Gold medal winners receive $25,000, silver medal winners receive $15,000, and bronze medal winners receive $10,000.

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