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Q: Do the players still get paid if they are on the injured list?
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If an MLB player is on injury reserve list does he gets paid?

Yes baseball players are still paid even if they're on the Disabled List. The only thing that occurs is that the player isn't able to play because they are injured. It isn't their fault that they are injured- most of the time.

Do players get paid on injured reserve?

Yes, players on the injured reserve receive a salary.

Do football players get paid while injured?


Do injured NFL players get paid?


Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

Do injured soccer players get paid?

yes...just not as much.

Is a football player on IR paid?

NFL Players who are put on the IR (injured reserve) are paid.

If an NBA player is placed on the injury list does he still get paid and if so how much?

There is no longer an injury list in the NBA. Teams now designate up to two players as 'inactive'. The difference between the two is that under the former 'injured list', the player was automatically ineligible for 5 games. In either situation, the player experiences no change in his pay.

Do NFL players get paid when they are injured and can't play?

Yes, the same way normal guys get workman's compensation if they are injured on the job.

Do released baseball players still get paid?

no they dont get paid........

Do NBA players get paid while on suspension?

Yes, NBA players get paid a yearly salary and do not get paid by game. Players may be suspended and still get the same yearly salary!

Do NBA players get paid while on the inactive list?


Do baseball players get paid while on disabibled list?


Does nfl players still get paid if there is a lockout?

No they do not.

Does an NFL player on injured reserve get paid?

Yes. He is still on contract.

Do soccer players get paid if they get injured?

Professional players often have a rather complex contract with number of games played or even minutes on field, and penalties, and goals, and all sorts of stuff figured in; injury is also written into the contract so: Yes they get paid even when injured or on the bench.

List of English premier league highest paid players?


Does an NFL player who gets cut still get paid if he's injured?


Is injured Tom Brady getting paid?

Yes. The Patriots have placed Tom brady on the Injured Reserve. He is paid his full salary and that salary still counts against the teams salary cap limit.

Do NFL players get paid when they are out of a game?

Players can and do get paid when they are not on the active roster. Players who are under contract to a team draw a paycheck unless they have been Suspended by either the NFL or the Team or have been placed on the Non-Football Injury List (NFI).

Who pays MLB players when they get injured?

Major League Baseball players get paid during an injury depending on the terms of their individual contracts. Most daily players will continue to draw their normal salary. However, their are some players who might be demoted to the minors or cut.

What is an example of players getting hurt and still being paid?

Carl Pavano.

Do NFL players get paid on their bye week?

yes because they still practice

Do NFL players get paid for making an interception?

No, they still make their base salary no matter how they perform