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The distance is measured from the front of home plate to the base of hte wall.

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Q: Do the distances marked on the walls of MLB fields measure the distance from the tip of the plate to the base of the wall?
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What is a kind of ruler on a map that helps measure distance?

Using a ruler which marked by Centimeters will more helpful to measure the distance of a map.

What is the straight measuring instrument that is marked at intervals and used to measure distances?

That would be a ruler, yardstick, or meterstick, depending on the system of measure you are using.

What would you use to measure the distance between the lines marked on a candle?

A ruler

To find the rf value of different colours by chromatography?

Measure the distance from your marked pencil line to the solvent front. Also measure the distance fomr the marked pencil line to the middle of the spot, and divide this by the first distance. This value will be between 0 and 1.

How was distance marked on Roman roads?

Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.Distance was marked on Roman roads by milestones.

Fields marked with an asterisk are?


What part of a map would you use to find the distance between two places?

The scale of the map will tell you how far a measurement in centimeters or inches is equal to in actual distance. Some maps are marked with road distances, and other have grid squares that are a fixed distance in size. Some maps have a table within the legend that gives distances between major cities.

What can you measure with a tape measure?

Lengths - in units that are marked on the tape measure.

What things are used to measure distance?

At the large end, the Parsec is used in astronomy, and this is equal to the distance traveled by light in approx 3.26 years. Closer in the distance between the Sun and the Earth is known as the Astronomical Unit. These measurements are made with telescope and measuring angles. On Earth, we measure moderate distances with rulers and tape measures, and longer ones with surveying instruments. In the workshop we will use rules, and micrometers. For microscope use, carefully made scales are marked on glass slides, with a resolution around .01 0f a mm. These are known as micrometre slides.

What instrument measures distance on a map?

A plotting compas (like a pair of compasses used to draw a circle, except both ends have needles) A Metric/Imperial rule also helps but if the map has a scale at the bottom, one is not essential.We measure distance on a map by consulting the scale on the map. It is a small diagram in the legend that sets down some linear measure as a reference. The line will be marked out in, say, miles, tens or even hundreds of miles or kilometers.the scaleyou measure it with a SCALEI'm pretty sure it's called a scale, but I could be wrong.For a "distance" between two points, the ordinary tools are the ruler, tape measure, pedometer, and odometer. For longer distances on Earth, laser rangefinders or satellite measurements would be used. For planetary and stellar distances, astronomical observations can be used to create an estimate, by parallax and by stellar spectroscopy.A scale is used on a map to measure direction.

Differences between theodolite and measuring tape?

A theodolite is a tripod mounted level used to measure horizontal and vertical distances and a measuring tape is a tape marked with increments: usually feet and inches (but also other increments such as tenths)

How many college football fields are marked every 5 yards?

LSU is the only one

What is one thing that marked the closing of the frontier?

In the 1880s, fenced in fields had replaced open plains.

How to measure the thickness of Dog Hair?

With a microscope and marked slide.

Why can't beakers measure volume?

Beakers can and do measure volume. A marked measuring jug is essentially a 'beaker'.

What is the printed ruler on map called?

The printed ruler on map is called the scale. It shows distance per inch. You can take a strip of paper, lay it alongside the ruler, mark the paper--- then, take the marked paper to measure distance between two points on the map.

The distance east or west of the prime meridian is marked by lines of what?


Which London Railway station is traditionally marked as the centre of London or that which all distances to London are traditionally measured?

Charing Cross

What equipment is used in discus event?

A discus, which is a metal-edged heavy wood disk. A level grass field with an area marked for the discobolus (disk-thrower) and a tape measure to check the landing distance.

How do you measure Millimeter?

You use a ruler that is marked with millimetres. Alternatively, you can use a ruler that is marked with inches and then multiply by 25.4 to get the result in millimetres, or use a ruler marked with centimetres and multiply by 10.

Is it legal for a speed limit to go from 30mph to 65mph within a short distance?

As long as it is properly marked, there is no law that dictate what distances changes have to take place. Most places have some recommended standards to allow breaking and time for the driver to properly and safely react.

How could you determine the speed of a wave?

The details will depend on the type of wave. For example, for a water wave, you might observe it - use a stopwatch to watch how long it takes for a wave crest to go from one clearly marked point to another one. Measure the distance, and divide distance by time.

How precise is a ruler used to measure string?

The answer depends on the graduations marked on the ruler.

What do you use the metric ruler for?

Metric Rulers and meter sticks are used to measure short lengths and distances. Both devices are marked in centimeters and millimeters.Metric Rulers are generally 15 cm (6 inches) and 30 cm (12 inches) long.

What part of map is used tofind distance between two points?

You look at the SCALE of the map. This usually has a line marked with mileage. You measure a sample of that mileage with a ruler , then compare it to the distance between the 2 points. - For instance, if 100 miles is equal to an inch, and the 2 points are 4 inches apart, then the distance is 100 x 4 , or 400 miles.