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Yes, they just recently won Super Bowl XLIV against the Indianapolis Colts.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-10 21:53:32
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Q: Do the Saints have any Super Bowl wins?
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Do the colts have any Super Bowl wins?

They have won the Super bowl two times. But not in a row.

Any correlation between the conference who wins the Pro Bowl and the conference who wins the Super Bowl in past years?


Are ther any teams with 6 super bowl wins?

i did

Are there any NFL teams that have won the Super Bowl in their first appearance?

Yes, the Saints for instant

Do panthers have any Super Bowl wins?

no they dont only if your talking BOUT THE NORTH CAROLINA

Was wade phillip's a coach during any super bowl wins?

No. Coach Phillips has not been head coach of a team that played in the Super Bowl but was the defensive coordinator of the 1989 Denver Broncos that lost to the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV.

Did Tom Brady win any Super Bowls without Adam vinitari?

No, all three of Tom Brady's Super Bowl wins were with Adam Vinatieri

Has any NFL team won the Super Bowl on their first try?

Yes, through Super Bowl XLIV 9 teams have won the Super Bowl in their first appearance: 1) Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl I (obvious since it was the first ever Super Bowl). 2) New York Jets - Super Bowl III 3) Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowl IX. 4) San Francisco 49ers - Super Bowl XVI. 5) Chicago Bears - Super Bowl XX. 6) New York Giants - Super Bowl XXI. 7) Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl XXXV. 8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Super Bowl XXXVII. 9) New Orleans Saints - Super Bowl XLIV There have been 19 teams that lost the Super Bowl in their first appearance.

Which seasons have the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl?

* 1974 * 1975 * 1978 * 1979 * 2005 * 2008 The Pittsburgh Steelers have more Super Bowl wins than any other team with 6 in total.

Did the Chicago Bears play in any other super bowl?

The Bears appeared in Super Bowl XX and Super Bowl XLI.

Was there a kick return on opening kickoff in any Super Bowl?

Devin Hester did that in the 2006 Super Bowl, super bowl XLI.

What were the Super Bowls that the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

9,10,13,14,40,43 The Steelers have won six Super Bowls: IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL and XLIII. The most Super Bowl wins by any team in history.

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