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Yes, the Saints for instant

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Q: Are there any NFL teams that have won the Super Bowl in their first appearance?
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Who was the first Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl IX. It was the teams first ever Super Bowl appearance.

What teams did not make a Super Bowl appearance?

cleveland browns and detriot lions

Has any NFL team won the Super Bowl on their first try?

Yes, through Super Bowl XLIV 9 teams have won the Super Bowl in their first appearance: 1) Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl I (obvious since it was the first ever Super Bowl). 2) New York Jets - Super Bowl III 3) Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowl IX. 4) San Francisco 49ers - Super Bowl XVI. 5) Chicago Bears - Super Bowl XX. 6) New York Giants - Super Bowl XXI. 7) Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl XXXV. 8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Super Bowl XXXVII. 9) New Orleans Saints - Super Bowl XLIV There have been 19 teams that lost the Super Bowl in their first appearance.

How many Super Bowl teams have won the Super Bowl by scoring first?


How many first seed teams have won the Super Bowl?

17 teams won the super bowl that was the 1st seed

Who was the starting quarterback in broncos first Super Bowl appearance?

Craig Morton was the starting QB for the Broncos in their first Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl XII played January 15, 1978.

Where can you find a list of teams by appearance in the Super Bowl?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Games' link on this page to see a breakdown of all 41 Super Bowls.

What teams have only one Super Bowl appearance?

The Arizona Cardinals. They made it on Feb.1,2009

What 5 NFL teams have not made an appearance in the Super Bowl?

i think just about all them i think

Which five NFL teams have never played in a Super Bowl?

For the first time in their franchise history, the New Orleans Saints made it to Super Bowl 44, leaving only four teams who have never made a Super Bowl appearance: the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans.

How many teams were there by the first Super Bowl?

There were 15 teams in the NFL, and 9 teams in the AFL.

What nfl teams have not gone to super bowl?

The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to make an appearance in the Super Bowl.

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