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The Jets do have more fans than the Eagles because they're a New York and the Jets are still growing because upstate New York are not Bills fans any more and they start to like the Jets and the Giants.

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Q: Do the New York Jets have more fans than The Philadelphia Eagles?
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What area is the new york giants and jets fans at geography?

giants fans tend to be from new york, while jets fans tend to be from new jersey

Why do fans wear dog masks for the Philadelphia eagles?

Because they are underdogs

Which opposing player is most hated by Philadelphia Eagles fans?

its definetly terrel Owens

Where can you buy a New York Jets jersey?

There are several online websites where a New York Jets jersey can be purchased. NLF Shop, Overstock, Fans Edge, Pronto or Jets Fanatic are online sources where a New York Jets jersey can be purchased.

Where to watch new giants game with other giants fans in the Philadelphia area?

When the play the Eagles each year in Philadelphia.

Who is better out of the broncos and eagles?

The Philadelphia eagles are WAY better.. Isaac Failing, Nik Ogle, and all the other bronco fans can suck it!

What NFL team has the most violent fans?

The Raiders. The Philadelphia Eagles! It is the only stadium with a jail on the premises.

Where do the Philadelphia Eagles play their home matches?

The Philadelphia Eagles play their home matches at Lincoln Financial Field. Lincoln Financial Field is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lincoln Financial Field holds over 68,500 fans.

Are there more giants fans than jets fans?

It is believed that the New York Giants have more fans than the Jets because the Giants have been around since 1925 mean while the Jets joined the NFL in 1963. The NFL got very popular in between 1925 and 1963 and the New York/New Jersey area supported the Giants (because they were the home team). When the New York Jets entered the NFL, they moved in Shea Stadium with the newly formed New York Mets. Some of the New York/New Jersey area fans supported the Jets/Mets, leaving the Giants/Yankees fan base. The Jets fan base has gotten bigger in the last 47 years, but not big enough to over populate the Giants fan base.

Why does Winnipeg Jets has so many fans?

bacause the jets are awesome!

How many NFL stadiums are there?

Thirty-one There are 32 NFL teams, but the two New York teams: Giants and Jets (or Jets and Giants to Jets fans) share the new Meadowlands Stadium (ironically, located in New Jersey)

Are Jets fans mostly Yankee fans or Mets fans?

Jets and Mets fans are usually the same, because they started around the same time (early 60s) and shared a stadium (Shea) for years.

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