Did ny jets win today

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The Jets stadium is in New Jersey and play all there home games there. For the Jets schedule and for more sports information check out and for more Jets news follow the link on the website to the jets101 site.

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Q: Did ny jets win today
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Who will win today jets or pats?


Will the ny jets win the super bowl?

there might be a 50 50 chance

Will the jets win the jets vs Colts game?

No, the colts will win.

Who has been around longer ny giantS or ny jets?

The NY Giants were established in 1925 - The NY Jets weren't established until 1960 - courtesy of Wikipedia !

How many times did the NY jets win in the Super Bowl?

One time, in super bowl 3 over the Baltimore Colts

When were the NY Jets known as the NJ Jets?

They have never been called the New Jersey Jets.

Did the NY Titians change their name to the NY Giants?

No, that was the Jets!!!

Who is going to win steelers or jets?


What is Adam Gontier's favorite sport?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks

Which NFL player guaranteed his team would win in Super bowl 3 the week before the game?

Joe Namath of the NY Jets.

Jets will win this weekend or not?

There is a 50 percent chance that the Jets will win their game this weekend.

Who is better team the Arizona Cardnals are the New York Jets?

ny jets