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Q: Do the NFL Super Bowl winners get a bonus?
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How are the super bowl teams picked in the NFL?

playoff winners

What are the release dates for The WiseGuys - 2009 We Pick the Winners NFL Super Bowl XLV Special 2-21?

The WiseGuys - 2009 We Pick the Winners NFL Super Bowl XLV Special 2-21 was released on: USA: 3 February 2011

Who are the teams that went 18-1 in the NFL?

As of the 2008 season: 1984 San Francisco 49ers, winners of Super Bowl XIX. 1985 Chicago Bears, winners of Super Bowl XX. 2007 New England Patriots, losers of Super Bowl XLII.

Why are Super Bowl winners called world champions?

Because the NFL is the largest football league in the world.

What was the Super Bowl game called before the Super Bowl?

Prior to 1967, there was only an NFL Championship between the division winners. When the American Football League agreed to merge with the NFL by 1970, the four interim inter-league games were called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. By the third game in 1969, the term Super Bowl had been adopted, and Super Bowl IV was the last of the interim AFL-NFL games. The names of the first two games were retroactively made Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II.With the completion of the merger in 1970, Super Bowl V (1971) was played between the winners of the two newly-created conferences, the American and National conferences, roughly analogous to the two original leagues, but with some NFL teams having moved to the AFC, including the winners of the game, the Baltimore Colts (who had lost Super Bowl III representing the NFL).

Who pays the winning Super Bowl team in the NFL?

Winners and losers shares come from the revenues created by the game.

What NFL teams never played in the Super Bowl?

Here's a link that will tell you all of the Super Bowl winners up to last year's Super Bowl, no new teams played the 2011 Super Bowl. It was played by Super Bowl veterans the Steelers and the Packers. The list at the bottom is up to date.

Which Super Bowl team is in the NFL?

the saintsANSWER:All of them. The Super Bowl is the NFL's championship game.

Will there be an NFL experience at Super Bowl 44?

Yes, the NFL Experience will be part of the Super Bowl festivities in Super Bowl XLIV.

Why is the NFL Championship called the Super Bowl?

The NFL Championship became known as the Super Bowl after the AFL-NFL merger.

Who won the first five NFL Super Bowls?

The following teams were the winning champions of the first five NFL Super Bowl games before the merger of the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL): * NFL Super Bowl V - Baltimore Colts * NFL Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys * NFL Super Bowl VII - Miami Dolphins * NFL Super Bowl VIII - Miami Dolphins * NFL Super Bowl IX - Pittsburgh Steelers

Which nfl team has the least Super Bowl rings?

Which nfl team has the least super bowl rings?

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