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No. The Yankees have won 27 World Series championships and the Milwaukee Brewers have not won any.

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Q: Do the Milwaukee Brewers have more World Series victories than the New York Yankees?
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How well did the Milwaukee Brewers do in the 1950's?

The Brewers didn't exist in the 1950's. The Milwaukee Brewers didn't play in Milwaukee until 1970. The team in Milwaukee was the now-Atlanta Braves. The Milwaukee Braves reached the World Series in 1957 and 1958, beating the Yankees once, and losing to the Yankees once.

How many World Series games have the Milwaukee Brewers won?

The Brewers have only been in 1 World Series. They did not win. This happened in 1982. They lost to the Cardinals. The Milwaukee Braves were in 2 world series: 1957 where they won against the New York Yankees, and 1958 where they lost against the New York Yankees.

How many World Series titles did the Milwaukee Brewers win?

The Milwaukee Brewers never won the World Series.

Did the Milwaukee Brewers win any Wold Series?

No sadly the Milwaukee Brewers have never won a World Series.

What teams have the New York Yankees not played in the World Series?

Houston Astros Washington Nationals Milwaukee Brewers Colorado Rockies

What 4 teams have not faced NY Yankees in World Series?

Washington Nationals, Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros, and Colorado Rockies.

When did the Milwaukee Brewers win theWorld Series?


What year did the Milwaukee Brewers go to the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers were in the 1982 World Series. They lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3.

How many times have the Brewers been in the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers have been to one World Series and lost

How many times have the Milwaukee berwers won the World Series?

The Milwaukee Berwers have never won a world series...neither have the Milwaukee BREWERS

How many world series have the Milwaukee Brewers played?


How many times have brewers won the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers have never won the World Series as of the 2008 season.

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