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Yes. For statistical purposes, a free throw is a free throw, regardless of the reason for shooting it.

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Q: Do technical foul shots count towards a player's percentage?
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Do walks count towards your on base percentage?

Yes, but they don't affect your batting average.

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Is a walk included on the on base percentage?

yes but they don't count towards your bating average

Does NFL post-season stats count towards a players career total?

No. Statistics are broken out by regular season and postseason. Yardage or interceptions or such that is done in the postseason will count towards that player's career postseason stats.

What is ops on baseball stat sheet?

On-Base plus Slugging percentage. On-Base percentage is the hits+walks/plate appearances (note that reaching on an error does not count towards OBP) Slugging percentage is total bases on hits / at-bats (which means walks and sacrifices don't count towards slugging) OPS is simply adding those two numbers together.

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No, the thought being that the foul did not allow the player to have a fair attempt at making the shot.

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No. On-base percentage is calculated by adding hits, walks and hit-by-pitches and dividing that number by the sum of all at-bats, walks, hit-by-pitches and sacrifice flies. (Source: fielder's choice does not improve a player's batting average, and neither does an error.djagameking:Actually an error counts towards your on base percentage, just not your average. Does a fielder's choice count towards your obp.

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The pitch goes towards the pitcher's strike count.

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