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Yes they do.

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Q: Do sports coaches specify in a certain sport?
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What is the plural of Coach ie sport coach?

Coaches or sports coaches.

What is sports performance?

Sports performance is how individual teams perform when playing a sport. Many teams consistently do well because they have great coaches.

Do coaches of Olympic sports such as Basketball and Baseball receive medals?

No, team coaches do not take the medal podium and therefor do not receive medals for their teams achievements in any Olympic sport.

What are the importance of coordination in sports?

Coordination can help you be better at the sport you do and in certain sports help flexability.

Are there any professional coaches or managers in the NFL MLB or NHL that did not play the sport and hold a sports management degree?

yes there is!!

Number of sports coaches per kid?

typically 1 coach per 6 or 7 kids....depending on the sport of course.

What are jobs that involve sports?

Besides obliviously being a professional athlete in any sport, all sport commentators have some kind of athletic background. Coaches are usually athletic.

How do you establish a sports league as a sport promotion officer?

To establish a sports league as a sport promotion officer it is important to get the necessary equipment and establish an age group for players. Then, spread the word to gather people and form coaches and teams.

Do people get to choose there sport in Olympic?

Yes because you get to choose which sport your the best at from the certain sports there are in the Olympic choices!

What are the terms used in sports?

There are countless terms, it really depends on the specific sport. Most common is win, loss, tie. other than that you need to specify your sport.

What will you need when playing certain sport?

you neeed trainers while playing certain sports,rounders and running

What are some of the highest paying nonathletic sports jobs?

Some of the higher-paid non-athletic sports jobs are TV Broadcasters, sports doctors, trainers and coaches. How much these jobs pay depend on the sport, the team, the location and level of the sport with professional sports having some of the highest paid jobs.

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