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No, the ski format is used with skins to climb up mountains, not for going downhill. You go downhill in board format. Then back up again in skins with ski format.

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Q: Do split boards work as skis?
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How are snow boards different then ski?

snowboards are differnet from skis because skis have 2 skis and a snowboard only has one thing that you stand on.

What is a split snowboard?

A split snowboard is a snowboard that can split into skis I believe.

What goes faster skis with no poles or a snow board?

It is not the type of Skis or is the person skiing or boarding. The skill level of the person also plays a factor in that. But there is different types of skis or boards you can chose from.

How does skiing work?

skis work because the way the hot dried wax maks the snow slick for the skis. The skis hot wax does not rub off because your speed.

Does a ski or snowboard get more air?

A snowboard gets more air than average skis unless you have the short skis which can sometimes get more aor but 95% of the time boards get more air

How do you make a pool rock slide slippery?

I used ski wax. (was used on snow skis or snow boards)

Can you skate ski with classic skis?

Yes classic skis work fine if you rnot really serious about it but skate skiis work better

How snow skis work?

by gravity

What chemicals make Water Skis float?

The materials used for water skiis is less dense than water, which makes them float. Most water boards (such as skiis, surf boards, etc.) were originally (and some still are) made of wood.

How does frition work with skiing?

Skis work by melting the snow under them so they go faster.

What do people sell in a skate shop?

skate boards roller blades helmets skis ice skates

What different types of skis do Salomon make bindings for?

Salomon makes ski bindings for oversized skis, driver skis, Z10 and Z12 skis, steel skis, Guardian skis, various variety of STH skis and non-STH skis.

Why are skis made the way they are?

Because that's the way they need to be to work

In skiing do you need twin tip skis to do a 180?

No you don't. However - when you make the turn make sure that your weight is balanced on the front of the skis, so that the back end of the skis do not dig into the ground. This is only effective if you are on hard packed snow, and might not work if it is soft and powdery snow.

What are flat skis?

skis sold without bindings are flat skis

What is the plural of ski?


What can one buy from the website Jobe?

The official Jobe site offers various surfing clothing and merchandise. You can buy wake boards, wet suits, vests, board shorts, rash guards, bindings, wake skates, knee boards, water skis, ropes and handles, protective gear and much more.

What does Santa bring to Australia?

Gifts, of course! However, presents such as toboggans and snow-skis are not high in demand in Australia. Australian children are more likely to receive boogie-boards and other things that can be used in pools and the surf.

Do online Ouija boards work?


How do you get skis in Pokemon diamond?

You can't get skis.

What are now used mostly for fun sports but polar explorers really needed them?


How much are skis?

depends on the skis!

Are fibreglass skis faster?

Nope it is the ability of the skier. Not the skis. But fiberglass skis are probably lighter. But i dont think they would preform as good as skis with a normal base.

What is the plural possessive of ski?

The possessive of the word ski is ski's The possessive of the plural skis is skis's. Skis's is usually just written as skis'

What are skis for?

Skis are for Skiing. It's fun