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No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

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Q: Do some cheer squads make their players cheer with vibrators in?
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Does not having cheerleaders make a difference?

It depends. Some schools like cheerleading squads to cheer on the football players and encourage them to play harder. Cheerleaders also help get the crowd pumped up. Some schools, however, do not have cheerleaders because of various issues. Some schools do not have cheerleading squads because of student behavior. Some private schools do not have cheer squads because of moral issues, such as religion-based schools. Some schools don't have cheer squads because they can't afford it. Some schools don't have cheerleaders because of parent complaints. Either way, you decide rather having or not having cheerleaders is a big deal.

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To make a free cheer mix, obtain a CD player or recorder. Insert a CD and record parts of your favorite cheer songs.

How do you make a free cheer mix?

To make a free cheer mix, obtain a CD player or recorder. Insert a CD and record parts of your favorite cheer songs.

What does leveller mean?

That there is Cheer 1, Cheer 2, Cheer 3, Cheer 4, and so on. Levels are like how advanced the class is. Cheer 1 is easy and Cheer 5 is more difficult.

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Cheerleading has 5 parts, Cheer, jumps, dance, stunts, and tumbling. All star cheer does not have a cheer.

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to do cheerleader try out you have to do a good cheer to wow to judge make them think that you can do it

Why did cheerleaders make squads for cheerleading?

To make cheerleading organized and to make sure only the best girls represent the school

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Cheer is much easier if you have a gymnastics background. Cheer doesn't really make gymnastics easier though.

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