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no not all soccer goalies have to wear mouth guards. some do because of their braces.

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Q: Do soccer goalies have to wear mouthguards?
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Do soccer goalies wear cups?

No, there is no need for a goalkeeper to wear a cup.

Do soccer players were mouthguards?

You do not have to wear a mouth guard but it never hurts...most do not though

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

Do soccer goalies wear baseball caps?

no they do not i am not sure if it is against the rules but i prefer not to because it gets in the way of my vision.

How many goalies are in soccer?

2 different goalies are in soccer at a time - one for the home team and one for the away team.

Do goalies wear jocks underneath their uniforms?

Yes, definitely. lots of ice hockey goalies wear two cups. A regular cup jock and then a special goalie cup over top of that. Usually the size and speed of the puck or ball being shot at the net determines wether a goalie would need to wear a goalie cup. Lacrosse and ice hockey goalies wear cups but soccer goalies generally dont wear a cup

Why does soccer have goalies?

Goal keepers in soccer are as or more important than the other players on the field. Without goalies, soccer would be like golf. Boring, and pointless.

Can soccer goalies have the same colord jersy?


Where can soccer goalies go?

they can go anywhere on the feild

What is the average height of soccer goalies?


How many soccer goalies are there in the world?

alot of people

What are goalies in soccer allowed to do?

goalies in soccer have i major objective: stop all balls that come near the goal. the goalies can touch the ball with their hands and feet, but arent allowed to leave their white box painted around the goal.

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