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As in skater you mean inliners? Most of the time no. As skateboarders make fun of inliners because it is an easier to do.

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Q: Do skaters and skateboarders like each other?
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How much do pro skateboarders make?

in 2008, Pro skaters made 2000 a month plus royalties from what ever product has there name on it like Tiger Woods, three-fourths of there money comes from sponsors.

Do girls like skaters?

yes they do

How may skateboarders turn pro?

like, 16 years

Do skaters like Nike?


Name the top 10 pro skateboarders of US?

There's no set list of the best US skaters. Unlike most other sports, skating does not really have a way to "rate" skateboarders. Skateboarding is almost like art, because there's so many styles and ways of doing it. It'd be like comparing apples and oranges. So, in short, there is no top ten. Here's some really talented American skaters though: Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Chris Cole, Andrew Reynolds, Marc Johnson, Danny Way, Mike Vallely, Bam Margera, Jamie Thomas, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Stacy Peralta, Chet Childress, Dan Murphy, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Bucky Lasek, Elissa Steamer...those are some of the more famous ones. There's also a lot of skaters from other countries that come to the USA as well.

How do skaters look like?

good dressers ,in suit

What skaters are like Chris Cole?

Jamie Thomas

What music do skateboarders listen to?

I'm starting to get into the skateboarding culture and I'm getting into the music. If i had to guess, the music that skateboarders would listen to, would be different genres of metal like deathcore, metalcore or hardcore with some exceptions. bands like: The devil Wears Prada, Bless The Fall, Bring Me The Horizon, Beneath The Sky, As Blood Runs Black, Escape The Fate* -personally there my favourite band, but they lost their lead vocalist (Ronnie) due to his heroine addiction, if I'm not mistaken. Drop Dead Georgous, Eyes set to kill, and maybe From First To Last **I hope I've answered your question, this is not exactly the music that skateboarders will listen to. Everyone is different and has different taste in music, so I don't mean to steriotype any skateboarders in this answer.** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- skaters usually listen to metal or punk or rock or hip hop or rap or maybe them all. skaters skate to whatever they personally enjoy...

What kinds of girls do skaters like?

skaters dont like girls who skate surprisingly they like girly girls and hot girls clearly so just be hot and yourself

Do zebras like each other?

yes they like each other

What are risks and hazards in crowded ice rink?

The risk is that there is a high chance of crashes and accidents to happen. Ice skaters will try to dodge each other but some times when concentrating it is hard to see people, and that sometimes the skaters will have a blind side on somethings, also the ice skaters looking out for people depends on the age of the skater as in little children will not check and will get in the way and skaters will try to move out the way for so they don't get killed but the other skater Will then hurt themselves. You can still have quite a lot of skaters on the ice if there is a formant they are following like they only have to follow one blade track the same on each side so they all jump in the same place but that's only going in one big lesson with only them on the ice.

Why do like charges attract each other?

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Do 12 year old girls like skateboarders?

that a weird question. a girl should like a guy if she does not because he is a skateboarder and what separates skateboarders with non skatboarders its YOUR opinion not the world... but im 12 and i skateboard (guy)

Do chris and rihanna like each other?

Yes they do like each other

Do swans and ducks like each other?

they can live with each other but they do not neccessarily "like" each other but they are not arch enemys.

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yes they have ben mean to each other both of them like each other

Why don't Tracy and vince carter like each other?

they do like each other. who told you they don't? they are cousins. why wouldn't they like each other?

Are skaters athletes?

The correct term would be extreme athletes. Pro skaters can be considered as one just like regular sports athletes.

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Do ice skaters wear nail polish?

That is almost like if you eat...

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