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Any pool can have copper. Source water may have it in it. Some pools have copper Plumbing. Most pool heaters have copper heat exchangers. If your pH or Alkalinty levels are lower than recommended, then the copper in the plumbing or heater can be stripped out and stain the pool plaster a bluish-green color. Some allgaecides even use copper which will also stain. You should also take care using copper algaecide in salt water pools as they may cause problems with the chlorinators.

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Q: Do saltwater pools have copper
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Yes, saltwater pools can cause itching, although many find saltwater pools to be easier on skin than chlorinated ones.

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As they are filled with SaltWater, they will taste salty... Like oceanwater

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It lowers the pH

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Pools used in Olympic competitions are filled with chlorinated fresh water.

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They're no more or less sanitary than chlorinated pools.

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pool salt

How do you get rid of water boatmen and backswimmers in a saltwater pool I have read where BioGuard works wonders for chlorinated pools but does it work for saltwater If not what does?

Salt water pools are in fact chlorine pools part of the salt is turned into chlorine by the salt water chlorinater If it works in a normally chlorinated pool it should also work in a salt water pool. However you should check if there is any metallic ingredient like copper in it as these are not recommended in salt water pools.

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It could be fatal.

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Chlorine gas isdissolved into the water to chlorinate it this is also what happens in saltwater pools.

Why does saltwater turn blue when copper metal goes in it?

because copper dissolves in salt.

What other chemicals do saltwater pools need?

Hydrochloric acid and potasium help alot

Where is natural brine water found?

Mostly underwater brine pools and saltwater springs.

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Salt water pools

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All pools need something to help keep it clean and safe. Chlorine has long been the sanitizer of choice. Saltwater is no different, as the charged cell breaks down Salt in the water into Chlorine.

What is saltwater used for?

Saltwater makes up a majority of the oceans. It is a habitat for sea life of all sorts. It is also now used in personal pools.

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The action of salt water on copper is not important: see also the link below.