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yea, you go to a special referee class. for example, if you wanted to ref soccer you would go to that class

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Q: Do referees pick what sport they referee?
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What is the plural for referee?

The plural of referee is referees.

Which hockey whistles should you use to referee?

Any standard whistle used by referees in any other sport will work.

What do umpires and referees do?

Umpires and referees are involved in a wide range of sports. The referee is there to impose the rules and ensure that the game is played fairly. Generally the umpires are there to assist the referee in making decisions. Depending on the sport, some umpires have some specific duties.

What is the suffix in referee?

Refereed, referees,refereeing.

How many referees are in karate?

In a tournament, there are five referees. There are four flag referees and one main referee. The flag referees raise the flag with the color of the opponent scoring a point. The final decision is made by the main referee.

What is a Class-A soccer referee?

Soccer referees are graded by levels, not by classes. Informally, a referee might be considered "Class A" if they are certified International referees.

What is the number of referees in a football match?

4 feferees. The main referee, two line referees, and the 4th referee who controls the board for substitutions.

What are Cheryl Cole's referees?

Cheryl doesn't have a referee. :/

How many referees required for a rugby match?

as a minium 1 referee and 2 assistant referees.

How man referees in soccer?

There are four referees for a game of football, two linesmen, one main referee and the 4th referee to show the time and to replace the referee if he falls sick ,like a catch in the leg.

Who are the officiating officials of basketball?

Basketball officials are called referees. In the NBA there are three referees assigned to each game. One referee is referred to as the Lead or Head Referee.

How many referees are there in tennis?

there is only 1 referee in tennis

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