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Yes. It is possible for a player who has already been cautioned to be directly sent off if the second offense merited a send off by itself. In this case, the match report would reflect one caution and one send off, instead of two cautions and one send off.

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According to the Laws of the Game, no. A player receiving his second caution of the match will be shown the yellow card, immediately followed by the red card. Some leagues, including many high school and other youth leagues, have a so-called "soft red" card, in which the referee does hold up the red and yellow cards at the same time with the same hand. A "soft red" means that the player is sent off, but may be substituted (at the cost of one of the team's allowed substitutions for the game). It is important to note that "soft red" cards do not exist in any sort of professional soccer.

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Q: Do referees give out yellow and red cards in the game of soccer?
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In soccer game the referees on the sidelines are technically?

They are technically called assistant referees.

How many referees are in a game of youth soccer?

3 ref.

What do world cup soccer referees earn?

A soccer referee earns about 750 dollars a game.

What is the yellow card during MLS games?

A yellow card is a caution, It is given out at the referees discretion for malicious fouls or dissent. Two yellow cards in 1 game equals an ejection for the remainder of the game and your team must finish a man down. You also are subject to a game suspension. Yellow cards also add up throughout the year and can result in game suspensions.

Who are the participants in game soccer?

Soccer players Referees Assistant Referees Coaches Management Substitutes Ball personnel First Aid personnel Ground Keepers Ground Officials Spectators

Can you call fouls in rugby?

It is expected the referee and/or assistant referees will see foul play. Players in the game are reminded that coercing a referee or official to award penalties or yellow cards can in itself bring a penalty award against that player. The game is unlike soccer where players will look for foul as it is deemed "Ungentlemanly conduct"

What sport is played during two periods of 45 minutes each and involves a system of fouls using red and yellow cards?

Soccer is one such sport.

Who determine the official languague of an international soccer tournament?

There is no expectation of any official language for international matches. Referees are able to communicate required information using the whistle, standardized hand and flag signals, and yellow and red cards. The Laws of the Game, the document that governs soccer worldwide, uses English as its official language, but that does not mean that it's the official language of soccer or of any particular match.

What is the song playing when homer referees lisa's soccer game?

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Kicks

How much do referees get at a soccer game?

I am a referee for highschool and i get paid about 200 a game. I no youth refs get about 25 a game... THNKS

What do referees do after a game?

In a minor league (U19 and lower) They sign the cards, get paid, and submit the results.

Where are the umpires for soccer?

its a referee ;) the referee is the man in the middle he decides wether or not goals are given. Players have commited fouls.. or wether they desrve to be booked.. he also controls the game time and controls the flow of the game similar to referees in all other sports