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There are very few professional sports players (of ANY sport) who make their living entirely from playing sports and have no other employment or money-making ventures. Pro sports is something you can only hope to do for a few years. A lot of sport players (not just socccer), get deals from brands, like Nike or Adidas, etc. They do commercials and stuff like that. As stated, players are salesmen. They earn additional income through endorsements, deals with companies to promote their brand of shoes, beer or whatever. They can be compensated for being a spokesperson for a company or a cause, or for appearances at events. I know for a fact that you can't always play the sport. If you're really good you could live off salary and advertisments, but you probably can't. I had two granduncles who played pro in Italy. Later in life one became engineer other became chemist.

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Q: Do professional soccer players have other jobs in addition to playing soccer?
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In spring 2013, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) replaced Women's Professional Soccer. There are a total of eight teams with a maximum of 20 players on each team.

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