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Q: Do professional baseball umpires get paid overtime?
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Do professional golfers get paid overtime?

No. Professional golfers in a tournament get paid depending on their standings. Otherwise, professional golfers get paid for teaching.

Is it legal not to be paid for overtime?

You're supposed to be paid more if you work overtime.

How do professional baseball player get paid?

in moolah

How much do umpires get paid for world series?


Who was the first paid professional baseball player?


Does being of the management team mean you will never be paid overtime?

If the management team is paid a salary instead of an hourly wage, then they will not be paid overtime.

What are baseball players called?

The money they get paid with, usually comes from the club they play with.

Do Zoologist get paid for overtime?

yes they do make some money but can be used as donating your time to help.

How much do umpires get paid during world series?


What are the top paid professional sports?

Baseball, football and basketball

Do professional Soccer players work a lot of overtime?

Soccer players are paid salary, and don't necessarily work a standard 40-Hour week. However, with all of the travel that is required, it can be argued that they do work a lot of overtime.

Can you get paid overtime as a 1099 employee?