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Some do, some don't. There are also shin guards that extends to cover the ankle as impact protection without offering significant support.

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Q: Do pro soccer players wear ankle supports with their shin guards?
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What do you need in beach soccer?

jerseys, shorts, and socks or ankle guards(optional)

What do you need for soccer?

Shin guards, cleats, high socks, ankle guards, if you don't buy the shin guards with them included, -a guy might want to invest in a cup.

When you play basketball do ankle supports weaken the ankle?

no. in fact, the ankle supports the ankle during a basketball game.

What clothing and equipment are needed to play soccer?

The bare minimum: you need a field, soccer ball and something to form goal posts. For a more detailed experience, you need a soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards; ankle guards are optional, your team jersey, matching team socks, and soccer shorts. Well if you are just gently playing with your dad or someone in your yard you can probably get away with just a ball and your runners. But if you are playing a game on a team, you will need: *Cleats *Shin guards *ankle guards (optional) * your jersey * Soccer socks it is optional, but wrist guards, and a mouth guard. (Not very common)

In what ways are soccer players suited for soccer?

Soccer players have practice and gear. Here is a list of gear.Shin pads ( To protect the shin- a place that can be kicked easily, between the ankle and knee)Ankle guard (A glove like pad with hard padding to protect the ankle)Cleats (With a hard toe and back to protect from kicks)Goalie gloved for the goalie

Is it normal to have temporary pain in the ankle area when you are only 12?

No, try getting ankle support guards

What is a good sentence for the word ankle?

people hurt their ankle when they play soccer

Do a lot of soccer players have surgery?

Sadly yes a lot of footballers undergo knee and ankle surgery, but goalkeepers have shoulder surgery, when they injure it falling.

What are some examples of different ankle supports?

Some examples of different ankle supports include ankle taping, which many athletes use to help prevent the injury from moving when playing sports, or ankle braces, which can be easily tightened but may not be as effective as taping.

What do you wear when playing soccer?

Feet: Soccer cleats. You can buy them in the sport stores near you. When you join a team, they will give you the team's soccer shirt (jersey), shorts and long socks. Under your socks, wear shinguards. Especially the shinguards that also guards your ankle. If you are a female soccer player, I prefer you should put your hair in a ponytail.

What do baskeball players wear for games?

Most commonly gym shorts, higher topped shoes than running shoes for ankle support, t-shirt, jersey, and anything that is medical such as ankle braces, knee braces, face guards, etc. Other players wear shooting sleeves, this originally was done to cover tattoos on the players body that were vulgar and the NBA did not want to be associated with.

Should a soccer player wear protection to prevent injury?

Yes soccer players should and do wear protection to prevent injury's. All soccer players are required to wear shinguard's. These are under the socks and some are even built in the sock. Other you slide over your foot and there is spandex covering your calf, while some are just a stretchy strap on the top and a thicker material wrapping around your ankle on the bottom these ones prevent your legs from getting sweaty. Also some players wear knee braces and/or ankle braces located over their shinguard's and socks. If you have had a injury to the knee or ankle you should definitely consider a brace. Lastly male players should wear an athletic cup.

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