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The team pays for players bats.

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Q: Do pro baseball players pay for there own bats?
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Do Major League Baseball players pay for their own bats?

Players in the MLB are supplied bats by their team.

How much does a mlb player pay for bats?

No the players don't pay for bats. The team owners do.

Who pays for the broken bats player or the team?

It depends since most teams will supply bats for their players but some players prefer to get their own bats so it depends on the team and the player so the answer would be both, the team would pay for the broken bats if it's their bats that broke or the player would pay for it if it's 1 of their bats that broke.

Do professional baseball players pay for their own equipment?

Often, the equipment manufacturers give them equipment in exchange for their endorsement.

How much money do they pay baseball players?


Do pro football players have to pay there own insurance?

no they dont

Do baseball players have to pay for the balls they throw into the stands?


Do PGA tour players pay for lodging?

Yes they pay or make their own arrangements for their accommodation.

Why do baseball players earn so much?

Supply and Demand. People pay to see the best players.

Do Hispanic Baseball players pay US Taxes?

mexicans should not be playing baseball it is an american sport

Who pays for the players to travel to the all-star games?

Players typically have to pay for their own travel to the All Star games. Except for professional players, most players that are going to the All Star games will do fundraisers to help raise money to pay for transportation.

Why don't pro softball players do not get paid as well as pro baseball players?

Professional softball players are paid less than professional baseball players because softball is not as popular as baseball. Baseball has a much bigger market in the economy, as proven by the baseball stadiums, playing cards, t-shirts, and hats. Because of all the profits that these things generate, they are able to pay their players more. Softball does not have this kind of publicity, and there for the money that flows into the organizations involved in the sport do not draw as much money either. Because they do not draw as much revenue as the baseball organizations, they are not able to pay their players as much as baseball players get paid.

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