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Players do not get a medal when they are red-carded. They are removed from the game. In many leagues now, the coach and/or player are fined.

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Q: Do players receive a medal when red carded?
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Which sport has ten players on each team?

slowpitch softball

How may players are there in soccer?

eleven including the goalie...unless a player gets red carded. In which case, the player is removed and the team is unable to substitute him.

If a main goalkeeper gets red carded who will replace him?

The team's substitute goalkeeper comes in from the siellines, but one of the team's "field" players must come off the field.

Which football players have never been red carded in their career?

Raúl has never been sent off in hs career. Gary Lineker never received a card of ANY color

What is the term for sending off a player in a football match?

Red carded

Was robinho in fc Barcelona?

yes he was also red carded for showing his nipples to the referee

How many next games shall red carded player miss in soccer?

Only 1.

Is it one or two match ban to a red-carded player?

for two yellows it is a one match ban, for a straight red it is three matches.

Can you get kicked out of a soccer game?

yes you can. you can be red carded which means you are sent off of the pitch for the remainder of the match.

What is the result of dangerous kicking and low heading that are illegal in soccer?

You can easily get yourself yellow or even red carded.

Do you have to pay when you get a red card in soccer?

It depends on what you got carded for. If it is serious then you have to attend to a meeting with the referee plus the soccer association and tell what happened for you to have been red carded. Depending on the situation you/your team could get fined minimum of a $100 fine. I hope this helped everyone who has been wondering this sort of question :D :)

Does a red card ban include friendly's in rugby union?

No, it carries on until your next friendly.