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Q: Do players have to pay for super bowl tickets?
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How many tickets are allocated to each player in super bowl 44?

I was told by players in the super bowl they can get 15 tickets each, also it should be noted they are not free tickets!! The players pay from 800-1500$ each ticket. And it doesnt include practice squad players only the the rooster players. Players on injured reserve are not included also.

Were does the Super Bowl salary come from?

other games played at other stadiums, the tickets bought during the season pay for the super bowl.

How much do tickets to the gator bowl cost?

Tickets to the Gator bowl vary in cost. If one was trying to obtain tickets to the Gator Bowl in a certain section, he or she would most likely pay more.

NFL players pay for playoff games and super bowl?

For a wild card team, and the 2nd and 3rd seeds the pay is for 2012 is $200,000.00. For #1, and #2 seeds 168,000.00.

How do you get tickets to the Sugar Bowl?

Super Bowl tickets for the general public are not readily available. I think I read on average 60,000 seat stadium 4,000 tickets would go to the general public. Of course they sell out in a nano-second. As such, you most likely have to buy from the secondary market Do a bit of research... don't ever pay hefty hidden fees.

If a pro bowl player is in the Super Bowl does he get pro bowl pay?

no you have to not make the superbowl

Do professional football players pay for their plane tickets when they travel?


How much will NBC pay for 2012 Super Bowl?

They will pay a lot of money for the Super Bowl in 2012 for the New York Giants and the New England Patriots and the field.

Do the players pay to go to the Pro bowl?

No, the players do not pay to go to the Pro Bowl. The winning team of the Pro Bowl game get significantly more money than the losing team, however both teams are well paid.

What is the pay for losing the super bowl?


Do the owners of each player in the pro bowl get a cut of the players pay?


How much does Disney pay Super Bowl quarterbacks?


What pay do the winners of the super bowl get?

$88,000.00 Losers get $44,000.00

Where does the nba get the money to pay the players?

First of all, the teams pay the players. The teams get the money from advertisements/sale from tickets. There are many other ways, but use your head to figure it out.

Is there going to be a lockout next season for nfl players?

maybe not cuz the nfl people dont have enough money to pay the players and everywhere is bad the economy is bad so maybe there might not be a NFL football season next year. People spent hella money on super bowl xlv tickets and they didnt get in because the construction workers didnt finish constructing all of the seats

How much can one expect to pay for Rose Bowl tickets?

Rose Bowl tickets cost $175 each. However, they do tend to sell out quickly and third party brokers have been known to charge in excess of $2000 for them.

What is the pay for winning the Super Bowl?

A hundred thousand per player

How much do they pay the half time entertainment at super bowl?


How can you watch the Super Bowl in Thailand?

Yes you can once you have cable and you pay for it.

Do players who get selected for the us army all American bowl have to pay a team fee?


How much do they pay for a Super Bowl commercial?

its 10 millon for 30 sec

How much did Bridgestone pay for Super Bowl XLV halftime show?


Did the Green Bay Packers pay the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose the Super Bowl?

No, they did not.

Do the Super Bowl pay to be on tv?

The Television network that wins the Bid to broadcast the Super Bowl pays the NFL. The TV network makes their money through Commercials. The consumer that buys the products from the companies that buy commercial time for the Super Bowl pays for everything.

Where does the money to pay pro players come from?

Sponsors, investors, advertisers, and event tickets, to name the major sources.