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Yes, they have many world class players like fukuhara

And no, if you read the previous answer, everybody in the world holds it differently depending on how you like it.


Japanese are the most creative with rackets and sometimes have lumps for better grips on their penholders. They even developed a racket that lets you hold the racket, connects it to another handle, and therefore changing the angle of the racket

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ping pong is the same as Table Tennis, you serve to your opposing team and hit back when they hit it to you, and remember to hit the ball on the table across the net! :) and the first person to get 11 points wins!

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Q: Do people in Japan play ping pong?
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Table Tennis or Ping Pong

How many people in the world play ping pong?

it is about 4million

Is Matrix ping pong an online game?

"Matrix ping pong is definitely not an online game. It is a show in which, two Japanese people play ping pong, while moving in matrix like motions, thus making it matrix ping pong."

Does the us play ping pong for the Olympics?

Yes. They play table tennis which is the same as ping-pong.

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Ping Pong

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How many different games are there for playing on a ping pong table?

The first person to score eleven points in a ping pong game is declared the winner unless both players score ten points then the winner will be determined by whoever scores an extra two points.