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Never shoot someone with a pellet gun. Pellets will break skin easily. however Airsoft pellets hurt much less then paintballs.

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Q: Do pellets hurt more than paintballs?
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Do reballs hurt more than paintballs?

Re balls hurt almost exactly about the same as paintballs.

Does airsoft or paintball hurt more?

Paintballs will hurt more. They travel only slightly slower than air soft pellets, but have nearly ten times the mass. This gives it more foot-pounds of energy, causing more pain.

What hurts more paintball or an air softgun?

Paintballs will always hurt more than airsoft. Even though they may travel 1/2 as fast as the fastest air soft pellets, they weigh nearly 15 times as much.

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

Does airsoft hurt less or more than paintball?

Much less. If you find the ratio of mass to speed, paintballs have a greater ratio, more power, and more pain.

What paint balls hurt the least?

There are no brands that hurt less then others. However, paintballs tend to harden up as they age. A hard older paintball is less "squishy" than a fresh new one and will hurt more when it hits.

If you get shot with a air soft gun does it hurt?

Very much so. Airsoft pellets leave large welts through clothing and have been known to break the skin in close proximity. They are just as or even more painful than paintballs. Airsoft is not a game or people who don't mind being hurt.

What can happen if you don't wear padding in paintball?

Nothing. You will be faster, and will feel the paintballs more than with padding.

Do reballs hurt?

Yes they do! They work great and are perfect for snap shooting and the like, however it is reccomended to Chrony no higher than 220 FPS. They are heavier than regular paintballs and they do not break open so there is a lot more energy when they hit the target.

Can an airsoft gun fire paintballs?

No, a .68 paintball is several times larger than an airsoft pellet. There are "paintball" airsoft pellets, but they only work on low powered spring guns and have a very small splat mark.

Do football players get hurt more than basketball players?

yes football players get more hurt than basketball players

Is Airsoft more dangerous than paint ball?

alot of people argue about this but i say airsoft is more dangerous unless the paintballs are frozen then it can be more dangerous airsoft bbs are solid paintballs are not when they hit you it breaks less impact airsofts can rip through watermelons, punkins with no problem and there about the same as human skin.

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