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No, offensive coordinators actually make about $3,450 dollars less than the head hancho.

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Q: Do nfl teams pay the offensive coordinator more money than the head coach?
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How many teams can a coach have?

One head coach, but other assistants. The other members of the team are: Assistant coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach, quarterback coach, running back coach, offensive linemen coach, wide receivers coach, defensive linemen coach, linebackers coach, and secondary coach. All these are needed for a football team. In total that is: 12.

Who will be the Carolina Panthers head coach?

Ron Rivera is the teams new head coach and John Matsko is the new offensive coordinator.

How many coaches per nfl team?

An NFL team has ten coaches per team. These include the head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, offensive line coach, defensive line coach, special teams coach, linebacker coach, strength coach, and secondary coach.

How many coaches does an NFL team usually have on staff -?

A typical NFL Staff has the following coaches: Head Coach Assistant Head Coach Offensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator Special Teams Coach Running Backs Coach Receivers Coach Offensive Line Coach Defensive Line Coach Linebackers Coach Quarterback Coach Cornerbacks Coach Safeties Coach Tight Ends Coach Strength and Conditioning Coach In addition teams can have various assistant coaches who help by performing various duties during the season.

What are the coach names for the Stanford football team?

Head Coach- used to be Jim Harbaugh but now it is David Shaw Outside Linebacker Coach- Lance Anderson Offensive Line Coach- Tim Drevno Defensive Coordinator- Vic Fangio Wide Receivers Coach- Pep Hamilton Defensive Line Coach- Randy Hart Defensive Backs Coach- Derek Mason Special Teams Coordinator- Brian Polian Assistant Head Coach Offense, Tight Ends Coach, and Offensive Tackles Coach- Greg Roman Offensive Coordinator and Running Backs Coach- formerly Dick Shaw but currently vacant

What NFL Teams did Dan Reeves coach?

1972,1974-1980 Dallas Cowboys (Running Back Coach and Offensive Coordinator) 1981-1992 Denver Broncos (Head Coach) 1993-1996 New York Giants (Head Coach) 1997-2003 Atlanta Falcons (Head Coach)

Who is Zeke Bratkowski?

Former quarterback at UGA and professionally with Chicago, Green Bay.... After playing days were over, Zeke coached professionally with several teams as quarterback's coach and offensive coordinator.

Who was on green bay 1995 coaching staff?

The 1995 Green Bay Packers coaching staff consisted of the following: Head Coach - Mike Holmgren Offensive Coordinator - Sherman Lewis Defensive Coordinator - Fritz Shurmur Quarterbacks Coach - Steve Mariucci Running Backs Coach - Harry Sydney Wide Receivers Coach - Gil Haskell Tight Ends/Assistant Offensive Line Coach - Andy Reid Offensive Line Coach - Tom Lovat Offensive Assistant/Quality Control - Marty Nornhinweg Defensive Line Coach - Larry Brooks Linebackers Coach - Jim Lind Defensive Backs Coach - Bob Valesente Defensive Assistant/Quality Control - Johnny Holland Special Teams Coach - Nolan Cromwell Strength and Conditioning Coach - Kent Johnston Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach - Barry Rubin

Has any San Diego Chargers head coach won a Super Bowl with another team?

There are former Chargers head coaches that have won Super Bowls as assistant coaches for other teams but none that have won Super Bowls as head coaches for other teams. Dan Henning, Chargers head coach from 1989-1991, won Super Bowls XVII and XXII with the Washington Redskins as their offensive coordinator. Kevin Gilbride, Chargers head coach from 1997 through 6 games of the 1998 season, won Super Bowl XLII with the New York Giants as their offensive coordinator. Al Saunders, Chargers head coach from Game 9 of the 1986 season through the 1988 season, won Super Bowl XXXIV with the St. Louis Rams as their wide receivers coach. Norv Turner, current head coach (2007-2009), won Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII with the Dallas Cowboys as their offensive coordinator.

What are the responsibilities of a special teams coordinator in the NFL?

Special teams consist of kickoff, kick return, punt team, put return, and field goal teams. The special teams coordinator organizes these teams and decides what plays they will run.

What is the job description of a Football coach?

There are various duties in the job description of a football coach as there are often several different coaches for one team. There can be a head coach, defensive coach, offensive coach, and special teams coach. The head coach organizes and directs the entire team.

Who is the 2009 coach of the patriots football team?

The Coaching Staff for the 2009 New England Patriots: * Head Coach: Bill Belichick * Offensive Coordinator: Position Vacant * Defensive Coordinator: Dean pees * Assistant Head Coach/Line Coach: Dante Scarnecchia * Quarterbacks Coach: Bill O'Brien * Special Teams: Scott O'Brien * Defensive Backs: Josh Boyer * Running Backs: Ivan Fears * Defensive Line: Pepper Johnson * Linebackers: Matt Patricia * Tight Ends: Shane Waldron * Wide Receivers: Chad O'Shea * Strength & Conditioning: Mike Woicik * Asst. Strength & Conditioning: Harold Nash

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