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Yes, NBA player's earn there minimum wage.

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βˆ™ 2012-02-27 01:28:38
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Q: Do nba players earn money for the all-star game?
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Which game earn more money?

cricket players earn money than foot, ball because, they getting anther way like advertysment

Do individual players earn money for games played in the World Cup?

Yes, about $ 1,000-5,000 a game

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How much do hurling players make?

Hurling is an amateur sport, so the players do not make any money from the game. All the players would have day jobs or be students and earn their living in other ways.

Rugby players salary?

top players earn between 30k and 100 k a game

Do pro football players earn extra money during the playoffs?

Yes, They get paid a predetermined amount for each playoff game that they are in. They get more money the farther they go in the playoffs.

Is basball played in the Olympics?

No it's not but they do have Allstar game

How much do professional soccer players earn in Dubai?

200k per game

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How is money involved in sports?

By playing good game you can earn good money

Where does the money come from to pay football players?

The money to pay football players in the United States comes from the team itself. Teams earn money through the sales of tickets, sports memorabilia, and advertising. The biggest share of sports team revenues comes from advertising during a game.

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