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No, not the pros, but when you are out for a round of Golf with your buddies, of course so.

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2007-04-26 12:41:40
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Q: Do most people lie about golf scores?
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Can a the lie angle of a golf club be adjusted?

Yes, the lie angle of a golf club can easily be adjusted. It is a very common golf club adjustment. You should go to your local golf/pro shop where the can do it professionally and quickly. Having the correct lie angle is one of the most important parts in golf club customisation, and it can actually give you a better, straighter flight.

What is a lie in golf?

A lie is the way a ball in play is resting.

In golf how could you improve your lie and not your position?

What do you mean by position? In golf you are not allowed to improve your lie or build yourself a stance.

Where did the term get your lie straight originate from?


What are some of the most important sporting events in Australia?

In Australia, they are big on golf, tennis, and the ostrich races. No lie!

What is a 3 letter word for a golf position?


People lie every day but why do they lie about their emotions?

people lie a lot because they just want to have all the attention most of the time.

What is penalty for improving your golf lie?

Two stroke penalty.

Why do people lie about money?

most people lie about money because their cheep wads and just either want to lie or want money or their just being stupid. like most thieves in the world.

Why do all girls lie?

Not all girls lie, but most do. Both genders sometimes lie as an attempt to get themselves out of trouble. Some people lie just for fun. Many people lie to make themselves look better. The main reason people lie is to not get caught.

Would people rather hear the truth or hear a lie?

People would honestly want to hear a lie because most cant handle the truth like most people.

What is a elevated lie?

An elevated lie is a golf term for a ball that is higher than the feet of the player playing the shot.

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