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more canadians play in the NHL, there is a avg of 6 canadians on every NHL team

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Q: Do more Americans or Canadian play hockey in the NHL?
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What sports do Canadian play?

sometimes they play hockey

How many girls play hockey in Canada?

My guess is about 1/2 of Canadian girls play hockey.

When did hockey become so poular in the US?

Hockey became more popular in the early 1970's when more Americans started to play professionally.

Are there more Americans or Canadians that play in the NHL?

There are more Canadians in the NHL. About half of all the players in the league are Canadian.

How many Canadian hockey players play hockey for the Boston bruins?

as of today april 6, 18.

Did anyone play for the National Hockey League and the Canadian Football League?


What is a good Canadian Essay Topic?

the history of hockey, anything hockey related because I believe Canada is the hockey country because they play hockey alot there

How many Canadian hockey players play for the Chicago Blackhawks?

Currently there are 18 Canadian born players on the roster.

What do Canadians do all day?

play more hockey...and lastly relax from the day with a little hockey

How many Canadian hockey players play for Chicago Blackhawks?

There are 18 Canadian born players listed on their official roster.

Why is hockey Canadian?

Because it was invented in Canada and per capita more Canadians play the game and follow it than in any other country.

What sports do they play in America?

Americans like to play ice hockey, American football, basket ball, rugby, wrestling and many more sports they like.

Did pavel barber play in the NHL?

No. He played on the Canadian National teams for field hockey and floorball hockey, but he has never played any high level ice hockey.

I thought hockey originated from Mexico Didn't the Purepecha of Mexico play a game more than 3000 years ago similar to hockey?

hockey was first played in 1855 by the "Royal Canadian Rifles," which were british troops who were stationed at Kingston, Ontario.

What team does the hockey player Ryan Getzlaf play for?

The Canadian hockey player, Ryan Getzlaf, plays for the Anaheim Ducks. He is the center and captain of the team, which is a member of the National Hockey League.

What sports did Avril lavigne play when she was younger?

She played ice hockey like most Canadian children.

Do more females play hockey now?

not really

What sports do Americans play?

the main sports Americans play are basketball, football,soccer, saadly hockey, baseball, snowboarding, skateboarding,skiing, bmx, and car racing.

Who was the first Canadian female to play hockey?

This is an impossible question to answer as many Canadian girls have always played hockey since the game was invented. If you mean to play professionally, it was Manon Rheaume, who attended training camp with Tampa Bay and played part of one exhibition game.

Did carla macleod the athlete win any medals in the winter Olympics 2010?

At this time the women's ice hockey competition has not completed. Canadian ice hockey player Carla MacLeod was a member of the 2006 Canadian Olympic team that won the gold medal. She is also a member of the 2010 Canadian women's hockey team that will play in the Olympics.

How do you play non-ice hockey?

you can play floor hockey, roller hockey, or field hockey

If you play AAA hockey do you play hockey in college?


What is the most popular activity in Canada?

Hockey, i know more then half the people in my class play hockey and hockey night in Canada is HUGE

Do men play more field hockey than women?

No, they just seem to have more stamina and can play longer.

Why should you play hockey?

Hockey is fast, aggressive and extremely entertaining!! There is fighting which totally makes it more interesting